Advantages Of Advertising On TikTok

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It is 2020, and by now, every successful business owner has realized the importance of Social Media for their business. Most Social Media marketing strategies include Facebook and Instagram; however, there are other platforms your business can benefit from.

If your brand is targeting the younger population, you should seriously consider using TikTok. It is a fast-growing platform with approximately 800 million active users per month. Furthermore, the TikTok mobile app is ranked 6th globally in 2020 by active users per month.

So you can see the enormous marketing potential you are missing out by not implementing TikTok in your brand’s marketing strategy. Now, we are going to tell you about the basics of advertising on this fantastic platform.

Let’s dive in.

TikTok Adverting Campaigns Are Easy To Set Up

According to Social Media companies in Dubai, many brands avoid using TikTok as they believe it is too difficult to create ad campaigns as well as quality video content. However, they are wrong. Setting up campaigns on TikTok is not harder than creating campaigns on any other platform. So if you are already using Facebook and Instagram, there is no reason not to use TikTok as well.

TikTok Is The Best Place For Video Marketing In 2020

Every business should use TikTok in 2020

Even though you should not ignore video marketing on Instagram and Facebook, you should keep in mind that TikTok’s medium is nothing else than videos.

This means that its users want to look at video content, making them more likely to pay attention to your video ads than users on other Social Media platforms.

You Can Reach Different Groups of TikTok Users

If you, just like everyone else, are thinking that all TikTok users belong to the younger population (from 16 to 24 yo), you would be quite mistaken.

The best Social Media company in Dubai states that “only” 41% of TikTok users are under 25 years old, while the majority of 59% are over 25 yo.

This shows that even though younger people, in general, use TikTok, it is also a place where you can reach an older audience as well.

TikTok Is Perfect For Promoting Your New Products

You need to understand that advertising on TikTok is different from advertising on other platforms. People use Facebook and Instagram to post their perfect photos and videos that are usually edited, while TikTok offers raw footage.

TikTok encourages its users to show their true selves, and they love it. You should make authentic videos of your products and advertise them to your target audience. This will undoubtedly take your business to a whole new level. This is also a great way to improve your brand’s awareness.

TikTok’s Ad Formats

Finally, let’s take a look at what kind of ad formats are available on TikTok.

In-Feed Ads

Become a TikTok guru by telling your brand’s story and integrating it in a user’s FYP (For You Page). In-feed ads will allow you to reach many people who can share, follow, comment, like, and make videos with exactly the same TikTok sound.

Topview Ads

This type of ad has the best ad placement. When a user who belongs to your target audience opens TikTok, your ad will be the first video they see. Topview ads are great at capturing user’s attention, and then it is all up to your ad.

Brand Takeover Ads

Brand takeover ads are quite similar to Topview ads. This type of ad uses full-screen to deliver a powerful visual impact on TikTok users. These kinds of ads are very similar to those Youtube ads you can’t skip. Brand takeover ads usually show as soon as a user opens TikTok. This is another similarity to Topview ads. However, if you opt for Brand takeover ads, users can’t comment or like your content.

The best marketing practice is to combine all mentioned types of ads for the broadest reach.

How Much Money Is Needed To Run TikTok Ads?

You can run TikTok campaigns on a small budget

If you run a small business and are concerned if your tight budget will be enough for you to join TikTok and promote your business, worry no more. TikTok has a program specially tailored for small businesses called “Back to Business.” This program is offering 100M in ad credits to small businesses worldwide to help them get back on track during the COVID-19 crisis. If your business meets all set requirements, you can get a one-time advertising credit of $300, which you have to use by the end of 2020.


Even though TikTok works best when you are targeting the younger population, you should not ignore this platform even if your target audience consists of older people. As TikTok is the only platform whose only medium is videos, your video ads have a significantly higher chance of being noticed by its users, which is what the advertising is all about. Convince people to see your ad, and take it from there.

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