A Traveller’s Map to All the Sports Activities Happening in Australia

Traveller’s Map to All the Sports

Australia is a nation with top-class sports teams and majestic sports arenas. It is very unlikely for travellers to not find themselves indulged in different sports events in the country. Australians are a passionate nation with amazing sportsmanship. Their country hosts different international sports tournaments every year, which attract massive crowds and travellers from all around the world. It is often surprising to see how Australians manage their work with such a busy sports calendar.

Here are the best sporting events and activities that attract a lot of Australian tourism:

The Ashes

Cricket is the most famous national sports of Australia and Australians are quite successful at it. Since 1882, there has been a very enthralling rivalry between Australia and England. In 1882, Australia had its first victory over English soil, and so it was said that English cricket had died and the bails were burnt and placed in an urn. Since that time, both the countries have been holding on to these ashes.

The Ashes tournament is a Test format cricket series played between the two countries. It is interesting to see such a long rivalry for such a small trophy. The Ashes tournament has been one of the most popular cricket tournaments in Australia. If you are travelling to Australia and looking for sporting activities happening in Australia, watching an Ashes match should be on your to-do list.

Australian Football League

The Australian Football League is a famous professional men’s football league of the Australian Rules Football. The league has 18 teams spread over six Australian states and has a 23-round season every year. There have been a total of 45 arenas for the AFL tournament that host massive crowds.

For Australian tourism, spring is the best season for travellers who are sports enthusiasts as well. Due to the warm weather, different grand finals of tournaments take place during this time of the year. The AFL Grand Final is usually held in late September or in early October. It takes place in the largest sports arena in Australia, Melbourne Cricket Stadium. You can book your ticket early to pick a nice spot of your choice and enjoy the thrilling game through platforms like SportsWhereIAm.

Australian Open

Melbourne, the sports capital of the world, also hosts another major international sporting event every year— the Australian Open. It is an important international Tennis tournament, where star players from all over the world compete to win the World’s Best Tennis Player. It carries on for two whole weeks and attracts Tennis fans from all around the world, including influential personalities like Prince William, Ricky Pointing, Nicole Kidman, Mark Webber, etc.

For a tourist who loves sports, it is one of the best sports events in Australia. This match is an exceptional experience. The whole city has large screens for people who do not have tickets to watch the game. If you happen to be travelling to Melbourne during this time of the year, book your spot to enjoy a match of the Australian Open.

Sporting events are a must-visit if you are travelling to Australia. These events are worth every penny and are the best way to make the most of your trip. Remember to book your tickets early on and enjoy the electric atmosphere of Australia’s magnificent sports arenas.

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