A Thriving Market: Simple Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents and Brokers


As of 2021, there simply aren’t enough homes on the market for the massive amount of buyers looking for a home today. And the reasons for this can be traced back to the economic crash of 2009. You can learn about the real estate sale and purchase business and its perks, on this website:

After the real estate bubble burst over a decade ago, home construction found much less funding than was previously available. Correspondingly, home construction slowed considerably. And this has led us to the seller’s market that we find ourselves in today with home prices worth near triple what they were a decade ago.

But even though the COVID-19 pandemic, big government spending, and a decade of slowed home construction have all affected the real estate space, it’s still thriving amid current economic hardships.

The truth is, real estate is still big business. As such, if you’re an agent or a real estate broker, you need to know how to market yourself in order to be successful.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re going to be successful in real estate, people need to know who you are. And one of the better ways to do this is to utilize social media marketing tools.

In today’s interconnected digital world, just about everyone who owns a smartphone is on some form of social media. And it is here on these platforms where a large amount of interest in real estate is driven by social sharing.

As a real estate agent or a broker, you don’t make money unless you show and sell homes. And in order to do this, you have to reach out and interact with potential buyers.

With social media marketing tools, you can target customers, talk to buyers, share your listings, and gain much more exposure than you would if you simply sat at your desk all day waiting on the phone to ring.

Perhaps the most direct form of digital marketing is found in the paid search space. And this is simply a term that applies to purchasing ad space on a search engine.

For example, if you navigate to Google in your browser and type in “maroon Gucci handbag,” you’ll notice that your search will pull up several ads for this exact item. And chances are, you’re likely to click on a vendor’s website and make a purchase.

This is the entire idea behind search engine marketing or paid search. Basically, a buyer is more poised to make a purchase when actively searching than they are when browsing social media.

As a broker or real estate agent, utilizing paid search in your local community can help you to target any buyer who might be actively searching for homes in your area.

Community Engagement

If you’re going to be efficient at marketing yourself, you can’t forget the old-fashioned methods. And this includes face-to-face interaction and engaging with members of your community.

The more visible you are in the community, and the more people in your community know you’re an active broker or real estate professional, the more leads you’ll be able to gain.

In order to be effective at marketing yourself, you should plan on attending community events such as local real estate conferences, conventions, meetings, and the like. Additionally, you’ll also want to ensure that you have highly visible signage around your community or any area where you’re licensed to sell homes.

You may consider taking out ads on billboards, placing signage near the roadside on properties you’re able to show, and ensuring that you use local resources such as your area chamber of commerce to help generate interest in your real estate business.

Real estate sales is a business. And anyone who is successful in this business can tell you that it’s a full-time job. This means that you need to make yourself available when your potential buyers want to do business and market yourself accordingly as often as possible in order to gain the most exposure.

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