A Guide to Taking Care of a Kitten By Age Stage


The way to care for a kitten is like taking care of a child, you also need your own methods and know-how. However, not everyone understands each step. So, what do we need to do to keep the cats healthy and loving.

A guide to healthy and obedient kittens

At different stages, your cat’s diet and care are different. You need to understand about the health of the cat at each stage in order to have a combination of eating habits to create a routine in daily life.

How to take care of a newborn kitten

At this point, the cat is weak, small, and needs special attention. The food for newborn kittens is mainly milk (breast milk or pasteurized milk). Therefore, you need to pay attention:

  • Keep the kittens warm 24 hours a day with a heating lamp or cotton towel.
  • Dissolve more cat calcium into the milk when feeding the cat, dose about 1/6 of the tablet / day.
  • You can feed your cat with pasteurized milk, dosage of about 3-4 times / day, with equal spacing between meals.
  • Sterilize the bottle or syringe used to dissolve the cat’s milk in 40 degree hot water before mixing it.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the kitten’s litter box every day.

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How to take care of a 1 month old kitten

Cats from 1 month of age or older can walk more easily, and care has been changed accordingly. You are wondering what milk to feed the kitten, how to bathe the kitten? Please refer to the following steps:

  • Give the cat calcium-mixed milk, the amount of calcium is about 1/8 – 1/6 of a day. You should note that feeding your kitten twice a day is moderate.
  • Reducing the cat’s milk intake means the cat will start eating more food. You mix the food (pork, chicken, fish …) very well and feed the cat between 2 drinks. You should carefully choose food, avoid letting the cat eat fish bones, chickens, pigs …
  • Use cat bath lotions for better hygiene, bathe your cat once a month with warm water, and treat lice diseases.

How to take care of a kitten 2 months to 6 months old

At this time, the kitten has more flesh and in the developmental stage, the care has many changes:

  • Wean gradually, replacing rice with more nutritious meats.
  • Maintain regular calcium intake in your cat’s diet.
  • Practice feeding your cat seeds, which you can mix with milk if the cat isn’t used to it.
  • Always prepare to add a cup of water to your cat’s portion of the meal, the dishes should be cleaned regularly.
  • Vaccination, deworming … on the advice of a veterinarian.

How to take care of cats over 6 months old

As cats get stronger, they become more resistant, so it’s much easier to care for them. However, the change in personality is sometimes a bit unfriendly, you should note:

  • Maintain a formulated diet.
  • Vaccination and deworming periodically month / year.
  • Avoid changing owners of cats over 2 years old, as cats are also susceptible to psychological shock.
  • Train your cat early because the older it gets, the harder it will be to change old habits.
  • Avoid giving your cat certain foods that easily cause cat poisoning such as chocolate …

During this stage, if the cat has any unusual phenomena such as passing, red, vomiting … you need to take the cat to the nearest veterinary facility to promptly treat it.

Create a reasonable routine for your cat

In addition to nutrition, you should also train your cat to follow good living habits from a young age. Habits in oral hygiene, cleaning areas also help prevent some infections, reduce cleaning time for the owner. At the same time, cats are disciplined in life, taking care of cats is also more leisurely.

Cats are like a family member, be sure to take your cat for regular checkups every year. Here, you will be consulted about the appropriate nutrition, how to track strange expressions and behaviour of the cat. You also get some other knowledge to train cats at home, support regular grooming, and help your cat be healthier.

Cats are pets and are the companions of many people. An adorable, mischievous and healthy cat is sure to bring you little daily joy. Hopefully, with the instructions to take care of kittens that Zoi’s Pet just shared, you will easily take care of your cat.

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