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TikTok is a new social media platform for individuals who wish to showcase their talents to the world. It is an excellent stage for beginners to prove themselves and gain popularity by making content. Just like everybody else, they also want some appreciation, so they stay motivated to pursue their passion. This appreciation can be given by positive comments and likes on the posts. Everybody wants more and more appreciation, which, in this case, is likes and comments.

But to gain more likes or comments, one must understand how this works.

Understand what TikTok likes and comments depend on

The likes and comments primarily depend on the reach of the post. The reach of the post means the number of people who get to view the posts for whatever reason. It can be due to the advertisements, or if the content is similar to their viewing history, or if they like posts with similar hashtags. So, increasing your reach will directly mean that you are potentially increasing the number of likes on your TikTok by simply increasing the number of audiences viewing it.

Now, just as we got the answer to our previous question, another question arises that how to increase reach on your account. Let us find out!

Increase reach of your account

Reach, as mentioned before, is the amount of audience that is viewing your content. Every person in the audience is a potential liker; you just need to make your content stand out to convert that viewer into a liker.

▪ Make the content extremely catchy (especially the thumbnail)

This will attract the audience to at least view the content, which is the very first step as every viewer is a potential liker as well as a fan who just hasn’t explored your profile as yet.

▪ Utilize advertising technique

Short and precise advertisements on different social media platforms can help you gain many followers and likes. Make sure your advertisements are crisp and short; otherwise, the viewer may just skip it, and the whole idea of the advertisements would go to waste.

▪ Stay connected with your audience

Retaining your current fans and likers are just as important as increasing your audience. Be sure to keep them connected to you. This will keep them entertained, and they might also share your content with their friends and family, which will also increase the audience.

▪ Consider giveaways

People oPen respond to incentives more than they would otherwise. You can offer giveaways to your audience in return for likes and shares. They will again make your content viral, and the giveaways don’t even have to be expensive or something substantial. They can be as simple as a signed mug or a shoutout of their social media handle. This will also make them feel engaged and entertained while increasing your overall fan base.

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