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A beginner’s guide on commercial gym flooring

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When you are planning to open up or revamp a gym, the most essential aspect of the change is inevitably the flooring. One of the most fundamental aspects of the gym is the flooring type you decide to lay down. And there are a multitude of different options and aspects to consider before making a choice. Moreover, it would be best if you did some research on your end to see which type would suit your space the best. To get an idea of top quality options, you can read more about gym flooring at junckershardwood.com.

Flooring is crucial

As revenue from gymming depends on people and the service provided, the kind of gym flooring you lay down is essential. Keep in mind; if you get the flooring wrong, you will lose clientele to your competitors. Thus, it is crucial to understand why flooring is wholly essential. Some of the reasons highlighting the importance of gym flooring are as follows-

  • The first and foremost reason in understanding the nature of the machinery to be placed on the floor. It is a given that the gym floor will see some heavy machinery and equipment, and should be a stable surface for workouts. The thicker the surface, the tougher it would be, and the better it would support workouts.
  • Proper gripping is another aspect of the gym flooring that is extremely critical. The floor should act as a movement minimizer so that accidental slips are reduced to none. Even slight movements in the gym environment can potentially become dangerous for the people working out.
  • Another reason why gym flooring should be laid down with care is the nature of business. Gyms see a lot of sweat, and the floors should be highly absorbent and easy to clean. This would help reduce injuries and keep the surface clean and improve the overall hygiene level of the place. As sweat is inevitable, all efforts must be made to keep the gym floor from becoming messy.

What type of flooring is the best?

As you must have already figured out, there are various options you can go for when installing floors in a new gym. You have a wide variety of choices among different types of wood, rubber, matting, sprung, etc., each one with its own set of pros and cons. You even do not have to settle on one single type of flooring material and can utilize different zones differently, taking into account the individual set of pros and cons for each flooring material. For example, when it comes to specifying an area for high-intensity cardio workouts like aerobics, Zumba, etc., a sprung flooring would be the best. It offers a high level of shock absorption, which is essential owing to the high-intensity workouts. Sprung flooring uses wood and foam to create a shock absorption system that is the best among all types of flooring.

Although rubber flooring is the most commonly used type of gym flooring. It is incredibly versatile and has several options to choose from.

Why is rubber flooring the best?

While rubber flooring might seem bulky, the pros for it far outweigh the cons. There are good reasons why most gym owners prefer to lay down rubber floors of different thicknesses instead of going for any other options. Some of the most prominent ones are-

  1. Durability- Compared to all other flooring options, rubber is extremely durable and thus a total value for money option.
  2. Easy maintenance- Rubber flooring does not require a lot of maintenance. On top of this, they are easy to clean. All you need to do is a thorough vacuuming and mopping to get the dirt out.
  3. Eco-friendly- Rubber flooring is one option that can help you reduce the carbon footprint greatly. A lot of non-vulcanized flooring made from rubber is made from recycled rubber, and if you are conscious about the environmental impact of choice, you can go for these options.
  4. Shock and sound-absorbing- Rubber flooring has good sound and shock absorption properties that would ensure the people in your gym can have a good workout.
  5. Water-resistant- As previously mentioned, sweat in a gym is inevitable. Rubber flooring being water-resistant would keep the funky smells at bay while being incredibly easy to clean at the same time.


No matter what type of flooring you end up choosing, it is vital to explore your options, keeping in mind the purpose and planning of the gym areas. Be sure only to choose top online sellers to get a good quality of flooring. If you’re still confused, you would for sure find gym flooring here. Happy shopping!

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