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There used to be a time when blogging and making money from blogging was easy. Then came WordPress, which made setting up a blog super easy, and hundreds of thousands of blogs sprang up about every subject on earth. As competition increased, the ease of making money from blogging went away. Today, if you want to make any sizable income from blogging, it is essential to follow the right steps and use the right monetization method.

Now, as far as the method is concerned, affiliate income is a much better way to monetize a blog than ads. And when it comes to the right steps that must be followed to maximize your blogging income through this method, well, that is what we are going to explore in this article. We are going to look at nine steps that you can follow to boost your blog’s affiliate income. Let us get started:

#1. Be careful while choosing your affiliate links

If your affiliate links do not align with your content, you are doing a great disservice to your visitors. Remember, they visit your blog because they find value in your content and the way you present it. You, too, should respect that choice by including only relevant affiliate links in your content. There is no point including the affiliate links of shoes when you have got a blog about music. Do not fall so much for an attractive commission rate that there remains no link between your content and the affiliate product links. That is the first basic thing you must keep in mind all the time.

#2. Link to other blogs in your content

Like everything else, digital marketing is also not a one-way street. If you help others increase their income, they will help you improve yours. Therefore, you should also link occasionally to the blogs of other relevant bloggers who create high-quality content that may be interesting to your visitors. By doing it occasionally and after an agreement with those bloggers, you will not hurt your sales but increase them as they too link to your content from time to time.

#3. Target the right audience

If you’re not targeting your blog’s right audience, your affiliate marketing income will remain low regardless of how much traffic you get. More than quantity it is the quality of your traffic that matters to boost conversions and affiliate income. Always try to get your traffic only from relevant sources, and even after that, try to segment your audience by tracking their behavior and creating segmentation lists. Once you’ve your plans in place, target each segment of your audience with highly relevant affiliate links that they might be interested in.

#4. Gain visitor trust with SSL

If your blog is not having an SSL certificate and loads over HTTP as a result, that may run into a significant roadblock in the path of increasing your affiliate income. Your blog will load with a ‘Not Secure’ label at the beginning of the URL, which will reduce your audience’s trust, making them hit that Close Tab button quite quickly. To prevent that from happening and to gain the confidence of your visitors in your blog with a green padlock of security, install a reputed and reliable SSL certificate like DigiCert SSL Certificates on your server.

#4. Use Exit-Intent Popups

As their name suggests, exit-intent popups work by detecting when a user is about to hit the Close Tab button and show a popup right then to make them perform a specific action. If you wish, you can use those popups to boost your affiliate income by including affiliate links in them. As soon as your visitors are done reading the blog post, the popup set up by you can appear before them with the affiliate offer defined by you. The best part is that it is also not difficult to set up these pop ups and you can do that easily with the help of WordPress plugins.

#5. Build and leverage relations with affiliate managers

This is a highly underrated but very effective technique to boost your affiliate income. Suppose your blog is regularly sending out a lot of traffic and sales to the affiliate program. In that case, you can build a connection with the program’s affiliate manager and then leverage that connection to negotiate a higher commission for you. Most affiliate programs have got their public pages nowadays where they disclose how much commission they offer, and if you can send them a lot of sales, there’s no reason why they would not want to increase your commission over others.

#6. Use SEO to increase your organic traffic

We talked about the quality of traffic above in point number 3, but that thing is so important that it requires further explanation in another point too. As we said in point #3, you should try to get your traffic from relevant sources. And there can be no source as relevant as search traffic coming from long-tail keywords. You should try to rank for as many long-tail keywords as possible to ensure that your organic traffic is as much as possible. Because at the end of the day, it will be this organic traffic that will drive most of your affiliate sales.

#7. Create tables that compare affiliate products

One way how many blogs increase their income is by giving their visitors the choice to compare multiple affiliate products. By presenting the affiliate product links in that manner on your pages you can significantly boost your conversion rates. This technique works best when you are writing a review of any affiliate product because when people are reading lengthy reviews, they are almost certain that they want to purchase that product. By providing them a comparison of similar products with affiliate links to every product page, you help them significantly speed up their decision-making process, which results in more sales through your affiliate links.

#8. Do more than blogging

While this is a guide aimed at explaining how you can increase your affiliate income through a blog, it is also important to keep in mind that you should not be putting all your eggs in one basket. Neither it is wise nor efficient to do so. Try other ways of promoting your affiliate products, like social media content, videos, and even email marketing campaigns that send your visitors directly to affiliate product pages without requiring them to come to your blog. There is nothing wrong with that if it works!

#9. Repeat the methods that boost conversion rate

Finally, repeat the methods which are working best and boosting your affiliate sales the most. Effective and efficient marketing is all about increasing your return on investment (ROI), which can be achieved by maximizing your efforts on those marketing channels and methods that are producing the best outcome. For instance, if you find that most of your affiliate income comes from organic visitors or visitors coming from any of the social media channels, you should increase your investments and efforts into those channels.


These nine steps are pretty much everything that you need to follow to boost your blog’s affiliate income. By following these steps you’ll maximize your affiliate earnings, so give them a try and share your feedback in the comments. If you know any other steps that can be followed to boost affiliate income, share them in the comments section as we and everyone else would love to hear about them.

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