9 Effortless Packing Hacks To Make A Move Less Stressful


Packing can be a time-consuming and stressful process for anyone. So, it’s no wonder that people are always looking for ways to make this task as easy as possible. Get detailed information about the best way to pack the right gadgets for your journey, on this website: vinehillroad

We put together this list of 9 packing hacks to make moving to a new house less stressful.

1. Pack the Heaviest Item in the Front Where It Should Go

It is one of the best packing hacks to make your move less stressful. By packing heavier items first and placing them towards the front, you can save time making the last-minute whirlwind trip around your apartment to find that one extra silverware set.

2. Pack the Heavy Items at the Bottom and Lighter Ones on the Top

When packing a box, you’ll want to load the heaviest items at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. It ensures that your boxes won’t be too heavy from top to bottom and too light from side to side. It also makes it easy to carry your boxes if you can lift them from one side.

3. Use Plastic Grocery Bags for Pillows and Blankets

If you have extra pillows, sheets, or blankets before moving day, you’ll need a place to store them until then. Instead of using an extra box, place these items in large plastic bags that you can quickly move around. This way, you can keep your items organized while still in their original packaging.

4. Tape Your Boxes

Taping your boxes makes it easier to stack them without worrying about them falling over. It also helps protect the items you are moving with bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Once you have your items packed, use packing tape to secure the top flaps of your box. Then add additional tape around the sides and bottom to secure it. Get detailed information about the safety measures to avoid losing your belongings while on a journey, on this website: visatyping

5. Fill All the Spaces in the Box

You want to make sure all of the spaces in your box are filled with items, no matter how small those spaces may be. Stacking your items so that they fit together will help prevent the box from being too heavy. It also gives you extra padding to prevent breakage and damage during your move.

6. Roll Your Clothes to Pack Them Efficiently

Rolling your clothes instead of folding them will help save space and place less stress on the fabric. When you roll, fold over the end of the fabric, so it doesn’t unravel or get caught on something when taking it out of a box later.

7. Label the Boxes

When you are preparing to move, it is essential to label all your items properly. It will make unpacking more accessible, but it will also prevent you from going through each box individually. This packing hack can help minimize the frustration caused by mislabeled boxes.

8. Use a Vacuum to Remove Air From Your Boxes

Vacuuming out the air from a box will help keep the item safe during transit, but it will make the box easier to carry without adding unnecessary weight and bulkiness.

9. Measure Your Boxes Before Moving Day

Before you start packing, it is essential to know how many items you are packing and what size box you will need. This way, you will know how to organize your items and which boxes you will need for all of your items before moving day.

Following these simple packing hacks can save you time and energy the day of your move and make a move less stressful.

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