8 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Office Chair

Office Chair

Choosing the perfect office chair is vital. Apart from being an investment in health, it is arguably one of the most cost-effective ways to increase workplace productivity. The ideal office chair prevents discomfort and fatigue that comes from sitting for long hours.

Unfortunately, picking the perfect office chair can be challenging. It is because there are many office chairs on the market, all claiming to be the best. Moreover, most people choose office chairs Brisbane based on good looks, without considering the health repercussions that may follow.

When choosing an office chair, there are several factors you need to take into consideration, including the type of desk, budget, design, ergonomics, etc.

Here are eight tips to help you choose the perfect office chair.

Ensure That It Is Fully Adjustable

The ideal office chair needs to be fully adjustable. Apart from adjusting up and down, it should also tilt side to side. As a result, it will be easier for you to customize the chair to meet your physical requirements.

The advantage of a fully adjustable office chair is that it helps you achieve the right posture when you sit for long hours. It also prevents straining your back and shoulders. Before purchasing, try adjusting the chair to ensure that you can operate the adjustment controls without straining.

However, height adjustment is not the only essential adjustment to consider when choosing an office chair. Others features that need to be adjustable include:

•           Arm width and height

•           Tension control

•           Lumbar support

•           Seat Back width and height

Explore Several Material Options

The type of material used to make an office chair can affect the support it is supposed to provide. The two most common materials are mesh and upholstered. The former is adjustable to a great degree, while the latter is ideal for people experiencing back problems.

Your office chair’s upholstery needs to be breathable to prevent the chair from overheating and becoming uncomfortable. Additionally, it should have a cushion to ensure comfort and support the user.

The Wheel Base

Most office chairs have a wheelbase. It can help prevent arm and back strains when rolling and swiveling.

However, if your office floor is carpeted, you will need to choose an office chair with wheels designed for the carpet.

Ensure That It Offers Lumbar Support

If you sit on a chair for long hours, you are likely to experience back pains. The perfect office chair should offer support for your lower back. When you sit on a chair that doesn’t support your lower back, the chances of damaging your lower spine structure are very high.

It is better if the chair has adjustable lumbar support to fit the chair comfortably into your body.

Choose a Chair with Adjustable Armrests

A chair with an armrest can take the strain off your shoulder and neck. They should be at the right height and adjustable to ensure that your arms rest comfortably without slouching.

However, whether to buy a chair with armrests will depend on the work you do at the office. For instance, armrests are unnecessary if you spend most of your time reading, typing, or not on your desk.

The Purpose of the Chair

There are several types of office chairs. Therefore, before choosing the perfect chair, you need to know how you will use it. The following are several types of office chairs and their purpose;

•           Ergonomic chair- It is ideal for individuals experiencing spinal problems and back pains. It has an adjustable height and a wheelbase.

•           Conference chair- used in meetings. The wheelbase is optional. It is ideal for offices where there is a lot of interaction and communication.

•           Guest chair- this type of office chair is meant for visitors. They don’t have a wheelbase or an adjustable height. The material is mostly plastic or wood.

•           Mesh chairs- they have a net-like fabric. They are better when it comes to air circulation.

•           Executive chairs- they are a bit expensive and have an adjustable backrest.

Try It Out

Reading the features and specifications of a particular office chair is not enough. You have to try out several options before you buy. Sitting in the chair allows you to decide if the chair is comfortable or not.

Seat Depth and Width

The ideal office chair should be deep and wide to ensure that you sit comfortably. If you are tall, you need a deeper seat. On the other hand, you will need a shallow chair if you are short.

Following the above tips will make choosing the perfect office chair easy. Additionally, you can ask for recommendations from friends or relatives. Ensure that you do in-depth research before deciding to buy.

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