8 Tips on Buying a Dog Bed Online

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Nowadays, there are varieties of options when it comes to dog beds. However, you have to make sure your dog is comfortable when snoozing and gnawing on its toys. A dog bet is an important accessory for every dog owner.

On average, a dog sleeps about 13 hours a day, meaning you have to find the best dog bed to provide comfort. Here are several factors you should consider.

  1. Padding thickness

To offer your dog comfort, you need to choose a dog bed with the appropriate padding amount. According to Dr. Brian P. Grossbard, dogs have various bony protuberances that can lead to pressure points. When the pressure is prolonged, it can result in skin damage, pain, and even skin wounds.

The common places are the outer part of the elbow, hips, and shoulders. Your pet should have a well-cushioned surface to offer sustainable relief and comfort

  1. Padding material

Look at the padding material instead of just the thickness. For example, buying a high-quality mattress of two inches may provide comfort compared to a cheap material of four inches of loose foam.

Squeeze the padding material with your fingers to check if it will support the weight of your dog.

  1. Regulation of temperature

During winter, dogs like to curl up while looking for warmth. Choose a dog bed with soft, thick coverings and raised edges. During summer, most dogs like to sleep in cooler places as they become warmer when they sleep on their beds.

During summer, obtain a thinner bed dog, which is more breathable to prevent excessive heating.

  1. Washable material

Check if the bed cover material is easy to remove and wash. The best one is the one you can remove the cover and wash it in your washing machine.

This is essential if you have puppies or pets with urinary or skin problems who may need their bed covers to be cleaned frequently.

  1. Usage

It is important to consider where the dog bed will be used. You can use a dog bed indoors and outdoors. For dog owners planning to use it outside, it is essential to note that the bed will be getting dirty frequently.

For outdoor purposes, look for a dog bed whose cover can be removed for cleaning. Ensure the fillings are washed as well. If the area gets cold during the night, obtain a dog bed that is heat insulated to generate warmth for your pet.

If you live in humid areas, consider buying a water-resistant dog bed.

  1. Dog’s needs

All dogs have different needs that need to be taken care of when buying a dog bed. Old dogs need dog beds with more support. Dogs that shed too much fur require a bed that can be cleaned and vacuumed frequently.

Some have large toenails; therefore, they need a dog bed with sturdy material. You need to assess your dog’s needs and get a dog bed that will meet its needs.

  1. Size and shape

Your dog’s size will determine the size of the dog bed to acquire. Also, check how the dog lays down while sleeping. Some dogs may need larger beds because they stretch out their legs while sleeping.

You should also check the space where you will place the dog bed. Keep in mind that dog beds come in various sizes and shapes, so you will be able to find one that meets your dog’s needs.

  1. Price

Do you have a budget? Well, dog beds are sold at different prices by different sellers. Compare prices from various sellers. However, concentrate on the quality rather than the cost. You would rather buy an expensive dog bed than get a cheap one that will not meet your dog’s needs.

You can also buy dog beds online and have them shipped to your exact location. In this case, some online sellers may ask you for a shipment fee while others may not. Be careful when buying a dog bed online since there are multiple online sellers, and some cannot be trusted.

  1. Washing instructions

Dog beds get dirty, and they have to be cleaned or replaced. Most of them are covered with washable materials. It is necessary to check if the rest of the bed is washable as well.

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