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Field activities such as marketing takes sales team into the field where they directly engage with customers, leads and prospects. All these activities come with their ow ups and downs with a routine that requires your team to meet certain targets on a monthly basis. On the other hand, while all these activities take place down in the field, there is no doubt a pile of office work awaits this team with a pile of data to be entered into the CRM.

Consequently, companies that want to focus on improving workflow efficiency are already migrating to creatio CRM with intuitive mobile support features. This helps to reduce the amount and frequency of data entry while making teams more mobile and ready to work, collect and report data even on the go. However, not all CRM software are made equal. You need a CRM system that supports your work in the office and walks with you all the way into the field offering seamless support with credible mobile features.

If you are considering a modern CRM system therefore, you need to be specific on what your organization needs based on the size and type of your business. In this article, we look at some of the key features you should look for while shopping for a mobile CRM in the market. You even have better reasons to continue reading because we will also be discussing some of the advantages these modern features in mobile app bring to your business.

Native Mobile Interface, Voice Recordings And Push Notifications

A good mobile CRM should be in a position to give you a naturally interactive mobile interface. By offering a sufficiently mobile-optimized interface, voice notes and push notifications, this app will be able to streamline and greatly improve your organization’s workflow especially in the field. It should clearly show the developer’s efforts to build a mobile based software for complete customer support.

The advantage these features bring to your workflow is the ability of the app to synchronize with third party apps in the web. Through this, users are therefore in a better position to add notes, create emails, make and even log calls while still getting real time access to the CRM data.

Online Data Synchronization And Offline Access

Teams that operate deep in the field may never know when an environmental problem or technical issue will cause the phone to malfunction. It could a battery that dies or a network connectivity that is intermittently lost. Any time these occur, a good mobile CRM should allow outside sales teams or users to still access last updated data, records, tasks assigned to them or even reports while relying on its last sync information.

This is essentially the good reason why mobile CRM app should have real time data sync and offline access features. The app should therefore be able to sync in the background even if the battery dies or when network signals are lost. This helps to improve workflows and motivates team members to continue working as opposed to relaxing and wait for the situation to get better.

Automatic Logging With Calls, Contacts And SMS Import Features

A good mobile CRM should be properly positioned to provide call features similar to those used by inside sales teams. It is no doubt that the ability to import contacts, calls and even SMS records directly from a mobile save much more time while at the same time reducing chances of data errors.

On the other hand, it only requires you to sync a backlog in order to acquire both SMS and call auto logging. While ensuring data health is maintained, these mobile features helps a business to automate data entry processes and therefore improves user experience. This generally improves workflow management and productivity of the sales teams.

This feature allows team members to easily sync the app to their phonebooks and be in a position to seamlessly import contacts, call logs together with SMS records automatically.

Task Assignment, Team Messaging And The Ability To Tag Team Mates

A big number of mobile CRM software do not migrate collaborative features to the mobile platforms. Rather, they are left on the web app making it very difficult for team members to interact. Joint or cooperative marketing and sales processes get the advantage of team activity feeds, mentions of colleagues and many more from the apps.

One of the advantages of this collaboration is improved communication between teams as one does not need to change between apps to see what the team is up to. It allows teams to set auto reminders for tasks based on @mentions while at the same time integrating with Slack to provide regular updates to opportunities as well as leads or prospects.

Acquisition Tracking

Mobile CRM should be in a position to support user acquisitions from referrals, organic sources and paid adds. It should also allow you to measure user segments and ROI of campaigns. The insights your team gets here helps in determining and selecting channels with the highest ROI.

The tool should be in a position to record a value for every product purchase, ad views and subscriptions that generally help a business to compute the total LTV (Lifetime Value) for users. This can then be segmented by channel sources and focus on those with the highest values.

Some of the parameters this tool helps you to monitor include:

  • Cost per user
  • Total expenditures on acquisition campaigns
  • The number of new users
  • Campaign revenues
  • LTV of users generated
  • Individual campaign revenues
  • Number of return users

Generally, you mobile CRM software check list should therefore include:

  • Your calendar
  • Contact list with filters
  • Direct mailing, messaging or calling of your contacts from the app
  • Tools for capturing updates and notes
  • Lead information
  • Opportunity list
  • Sales pipeline
  • Task management features
  • Priority list

Integration With Third Party Apps

As it is true that mobile CRM may not provide all the features that are required for better workflow management, this app should come with strong intuitive integration tools that permit the app to link with other apps that provide important services that the tool cannot offer.

Directly Scan Business Cards To Add Contacts

A good modern mobile CRM integrates with mobile camera to enable capturing of business cards through the camera to extract contact information. This feature is particularly very important to sales teams coming from an important networking event such as trade shows, workshops or conferences with a pile of business cards.

It therefore saves sales people the time spent in entering data manually. In this line, it also eliminates chances of wrong entries when the process is done manually.

Custom Map Filters And Geolocation That Is Integrated With Route Planning

This mobile CRM feature helps teams to save time and even batter life. By making it possible and easier to map routes especially between the locations of clients, place opportunities and prospects as pins, provide traffic alerts as well as support sales territory visualization alongside other geolocation tools, this feature supports sales prioritization. With this, team members are able to improve customer experience as well as increase success and productivity.

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