7 Simple Tips To Maintain A Healthy Body

Healthy Body

We are living in challenging times. Political and social unrest, a global pandemic, and other world events threaten to rob us of time, health, and resources. In an effort to combat some of these daunting stressors, many of us are looking to improve our health and wellness to meet these challenges head-on. If we do not care about our health then it can be the cause of health diseases. To know about health diseases, visit the website

What do health and wellness mean, anyway?

Total, vibrant health is more than physical; it involves mental and emotional health as well. Practicing self-care techniques that encompass all of these areas will be critical in the coming months and years to preserve and protect our most valuable asset—our health. So what can we do when many of us are stuck at home, more sedentary, and closed off from others than ever before?

With the following simple techniques, you can commit to total health, starting right in your own home. Take these steps daily to improve your body, mind, and soul:

Eat well….every day

Rome was not built in a day; neither was that pizza gut you’ve been carrying around. Part of creating a healthier lifestyle is realizing that you need to take incremental steps each day toward a goal of health. Swap out that bowl of chips for some air-popped popcorn, and cut out that extra can of soda in the afternoon, replacing it with a refreshing tea or lemon water. By making small changes over time and investing in better food and drink, you’ll be building a better body one meal at a time.

Balance your pH levels

In an ideal state of health, the body is in an alkaline state. That means the body maintains a 70/30 ratio of an alkaline substance to acidic substance. The more acidic a body is, the more likely you are to develop the disease and succumb to stress. Watching the foods that you eat, and choosing alkaline snacks to enjoy throughout your day like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fresh clean water, will help to balance your pH levels and restore your energy and health. For a list of alkaline foods and snacks that are delicious and easy to prepare

Move that body!

Staying active is an excellent way to ensure that your body stays healthier. You will be able to manage your weight, you’ll maintain good range of motion and flexibility, and you will feel better. If you don’t fancy yourself someone who regularly works out, consider adding more movement to your day. Walking, taking the stairs, and doing light housework all count when it comes to burning calories. Stay moving, and you’ll be able to evade Father Time just a bit longer.

4.Manage and reduce your stress

Everyone……everyone has stress in their lives. It’s how we control and manage it that make the difference between thriving and struggling. If you know that you succumb to the effects of stress more readily than others, implement some of the following strategies to help you get through those tough times:

  • Go for nature walks to clear your head
  • Regularly unplug yourself from media and technology sources
  • Implement a meditation or deep breathing program
  • Find someone to talk to you about your stress
  • Learn to let go of things you can’t control
  • Get quality sleep as much as possible

Stress can negatively impact nearly every aspect of your life if it is not properly managed. Do what you can to set some of these healthy habits in place, and look forward to easier days ahead.

Speaking of sleep…..

Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep! 6-8 hours is needed for most people; this time is used to slow brain activity, repair body tissues, and provide some much-needed rest for active and tense muscles. Establish healthy habits for sleep, including refraining from technology before bedtime, creating an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom that induces sleep, and managing stress so you can rest peacefully. Your body will respond by restoring energy reserves and balancing hormones, giving you what you need to perform at your peak each day.


Since the human body is comprised of nearly 70 percent water, it is critical that you properly hydrate yourself to ensure that all systems of the body are functioning at optimal levels. Poor hydration leads to low energy, higher levels of inflammation, and chronic disease. Aim for at least half your body weight in ounces daily for best results.

Stay connected

We may not be getting out as much these days, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make other arrangements to connect with others. Phone calls, emails, video conferencing, and other technological options for maintaining quality relationships exist; let’s take advantage of them at this time to grow stronger and more connected. The effect of solid relationships on health is significant; quality relationships strengthen our mental and emotional well being, which has an impact on our physical health as well.

Your health is what you make of it

You have incredible opportunities to create vibrant health each day; taking action with these small steps here will yield big results in the days and months ahead. Design a picture of your ultimate healthy self, and work toward that amazing goal each day. Here’s to your best health!


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