7 Reasons to Start a Teenager With a Prepaid Mobile Phone

Prepaid Mobile Phone

Is it time to have the phone talk with your teen? It’s understandable that many parents are reluctant to give their teenagers their own phones. However, many parents ultimately find that the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to making sure their teens are safe. One way that parents are easing into “the phone phase” with their teens is by opting for a prepaid mobile phone instead of signing up for a traditional phone plan. Could this be the best choice for your family? Take a look at seven reasons to start a teenager with a prepaid mobile phone.

1. Less Time on the Phone

The “unlimited” part of unlimited phone plans from the nation’s major mobile carriers can be problematic for parents of teens. The last thing you want is for your teen to have unlimited time for scrolling. A prepaid mobile phone limits the amount of call time, texts, and data a teen can use. While they will be able to contact you when it counts, they won’t have the freedom to “be on their phone all day.”

2. More Control for Parents

With a prepaid mobile option that allows you to recharge your minutes and data, you get to keep track of your child’s phone usage. You’ll know if minutes are being used up “too quickly” when you see that minutes are running out at the beginning of the month. You can also choose to add as many minutes as you’d like each month. This can be a great way to use extra minutes as incentives for grades, homework, or household chores.

3. Savings

Who needs one more major monthly expense these days? Paying only for what you want has its benefits! Many traditional phone plans cost hundreds of dollars per month. Your family may not be ready to take on those kinds of costs just to get your teen connected to a mobile plan. With a prepaid option, you can select an affordable tier with a flat monthly rate.

4. No Surprise Bills

Let’s be honest for a minute. Teenagers are notorious for going over their minutes! If you have a traditional family plan, that could lead to major charges that affect your monthly bill. A prepaid mobile phone stops the risk of surprise charges because a teenager can only use what’s already been paid for by their parents!

5. Teaches Responsibility

Some parents choose to use a prepaid mobile phone as a budgeting lesson. If your teen has a job or allowance, you can consider putting them in charge of refilling their phone minutes each month. This can be a great way for teens to begin understanding the value of real dollars in this digital age!

6. No Major Commitment

Monthly budgets change. That’s why getting locked into a contract for two years doesn’t work for many families. With a prepaid mobile phone, you can pick your phone budget each month.

7. “Off” Times

When you choose a prepaid phone, your teen’s phone only needs to be active when you want it to be. Most parents enjoy the added security of being able to contact their teens during the school year. However, you may choose to turn off minutes while you’re enjoying a family vacation together in the summer.

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