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7 Interesting Ideas for Putting Your Own Mark on a New Home

New Home

Your home should reflect your personal style. There are a ton of things you can add or change to bring personality to a new house. You can learn about the methods to make your house look better, on this website: http://www.designwithdeb.com

Here are some ideas of how you can put your own mark on your home.

1. Painting

Painting the walls in your preferred color scheme gives your home a personal touch. You can go for neutral or vibrant colors depending on your preference. Painting the cabinets and other parts of the house such as the stair rails and doors elevates the look of the house to a more personalized look. You can also choose to paint the outside of the house. If you choose to paint the house by yourself, here are some things you should consider the following:

  1. Prepping the room by emptying it. Alternatively, you can paint the house before moving in.
  2. Test the color of the paint before panting.
  3. Paying attention to the finish after panting. You can choose either a high gloss finish or a flat pint finish.
  4. Having enough paint so as to have even coats.

2. Naming Your Home

Naming your home is inexpensive. You only need to communicate with the local council and the Royal Mail to inform them of the name change. This will definitely give your home a personal stamp. Once you have named your home, you can go ahead and put a plaque in the front door area. You can also have your towels and pillowcases embroidered with the name of the house.

3. Furniture

Furniture makes up for a big part of the house. Replacing fixtures such as kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, and bathroom suites can give your house a more personal touch. You can also choose to get a new set of sofas and a bed. Changing the fabric of the couch is also a very affordable way of giving the couch a more personal feel.

4. Putting Up Decorations

Decorations give life to a house. Changing light shades, doorknobs, and other decorative items in the house to your preferred taste personalizes it. Buying paintings or painting your own art is also a perfect decorative way to put your own mark on the house.

5. Hanging New Wallpapers

Painting is not a choice that works for many people. Adding wallpaper to the wall is a perfect substitute. It is a temporary way of changing the feel of the walls. Even for people who can paint their houses, wallpapers are still perfect in the main areas of the house or the bedrooms. There are a wide range of wallpapers designs to choose from.

6. Gardening

The exterior of the house is as important as the interior as it creates the first impression. Planting flowers or plants of choice at the front yard really does it with personalization. The back or any other outdoor space can also be designed according to one’s preference.

7. Adding Rugs and Carpets on the Floors

You cannot ignore how much rugs and carpets create so much personality in houses. From colors, textures, to patterns. By adding your favorite rugs and doormats to the house, it puts your own mark. Learn more about the importance of numbering and home mark along with its effect on the overall value of your home, on this website: www.specialedoptions.com

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