7 Hunting Gear Essentials to Get You Through the Cold Weather

Hunting Clothes

Hunting in the cold weather can be challenging and if you don’t have the right gear, it will almost be impossible to sit and wait for your prey. The right Cold Weather Hunting Clothes are required if you want your hunt to be a success. You don’t always have to spend a fortune in getting the best essentials; it is all about being smart with your purchase of the things that will really make a difference out there in the wild. The warmth and comfort this gear provide you will make it possible to bear the extreme cold conditions.

  • Soft Shell Jacket

These jackets are windproof as well as wind-resistant and the super lightweight makes them essential for your winter gear. You don’t want to wear or carry anything heavy as that will hinder your hunting. This jacket usually has two layers, an inner thermal layer and an outer layer that is waterproof and windproof.

  • Thermal Layer

Layering is essential when the temperature is very low and this thermal layer which is the closest to the skin, will insulate the body against the cold. Avoid wearing cotton in the winter as it can absorb water and make you very uncomfortable.

  • Wool Socks and Toe Warmers

Keeping your feet warm is also essential. To keep your feet and toes warm, look for winter anglers and carry at least one pair of extra socks in case you wet the ones you are wearing. Toe warmers will give an extra layering to your feet and keep them warm.

  • Insulated Boots

Proper boots are very important; they wouldn’t only keep your feet warm, but they would also provide the right grip on different terrains. The sole of the boots is essential. Make sure they are good grippers, or otherwise wet conditions will make it hard for you to stay on your two feet. The kind of place you are hunting also decides what boots you require. If you have to walk through snow or ice, your choice of boots should be different compared to when you have to go to a mountainous area.

  • Gloves

Thick gloves are not the right choice for hunters as they can hinder the grip and control of the weapon. The gloves you are looking for should be breathable, warm, and waterproof. Wear the gloves to see if they grip well and also holds the weapon correctly.

  • Portable Heater

A heater is considered a luxury when you are out in the wild, but a portable one will keep you warm when you have to sit for longer periods. The heater can also help you when you return to your cabin after a long hunting day. Ideally, leave it at your place where you are staying instead of carrying it along.

  • Face Mask (Balaclava)

A fleece balaclava is your best friend in winter hunting expeditions. A clod and running nose and a chapped mouth can add to the discomfort. Pullover the balaclava over your face to add an extra layer of protection. It also protects the neck, chin, and cheeks.

The essential gear will depend on where you are headed for your winter hunting trip, but these 7 essentials should always find a place on your list.

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