7 Alternative Ways in Heating Your Pool

Heating Your Pool

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A swimming pool is a great feature and asset to have in your home, especially during the hot summer. However, autumn and colder days may render the pool useless. A pool can be used for relaxation and entertainment.

With alternative heating pool options, this can be a story of the past. Summer may come to an end, but swimming opportunities should not have to end. You can devise mechanisms that enable you to enjoy a swim all year round.

The type of heating system to use varies. You should consider your budget, the swimming pool size, and your area’s cold temperatures to help you choose a good deal. Experts should carefully install a heating pool system. Some choices include;

Liquid solar pool covers

Solar pool heating is an efficient way of heating the pool on a budget. The liquid solar pool cover prevents evaporation hence reducing heat loss.

The cover is a liquid poured into a pool, creating an invisible barrier on the surface of the water. The liquid is safe to swim in, does not contain harmful chemicals, and is biodegradable.

The cover is ideal for calm and not windy areas, as too much wind may break the liquid seal. This choice is thus suitable for those with indoor pools or pools protected from the wind.

Use of Solar Sun Rings

These are light and transparent inflatable disks placed on the pool as a cover. The rings disassemble for more comfortable usage and storage.

A single cover can save up to 21000 BTU of heat daily. Some brands offer magnetized edges that allow them to connect. The rings do not need expertise to set up, making them ideal.

Solar Covers

Solar covers are an alternative cheaper option for solar rings. However, a lot of planning has to go into purchasing them as they need to be well measured to ensure they fit the pool correctly. Buying solar rings can be more expensive than solar covers, but both will do the job. Thus, it comes to a battle between cost and convenience.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps keep the pool warm by drawing warm air from the ambient air and transferring this to the water. The pump uses electricity to capture heat and move it.

The heat pump is an efficient and cost-effective system and can use as little as a third of an electrically powered system. Heat pumps are effective on cloudy and gloomy days when the solar collector system is not sufficient. They thus work hand in hand and are energy efficient.

Use a black hose

Since darker objects absorb heat, this option works by smartly taking advantage of the sun to heat your pool. Purchase a black hose that covers the distance from your pool to direct sunlight like the deck or rooftop.

Connect the hose to the pool pump, coil it, and improve its ability to retain heat and keep your pool warm. Apart from the initial cost, the black tube is free to maintain making it very cost-friendly.

Solar Panels

Solar panels produce energy instead of heat, which is environment friendly. You can combine the boards with an electric heating system like the heat exchanger or use it independently, depending on your pool size.

You will need a surface to install the panels and put them facing the south for more heat absorption. The initial cost of solar panels can be expensive; however, it’s a one-off venture, thus affordable in the long run.

Solar mats

Solar mats are intended mainly for those with small pools. The water pumped through mats is heated and becomes warm, transferring the heat to the pool.

The solar mats are ideal for a small pool as a big one will take a long time to heat up and are relatively affordable, making the overall cost of heating the pool low.

The disadvantage of the mats is that it is weather dependent, and thus when there is no sun, it may not serve the purpose. Therefore, you can use them in conjunction with something like a heat pump to minimize any inconveniences.

When figuring out the heating method, consider pool size, location, and cost to ensure you pick something you will be able to sustain.

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