6 Warning Signs a Commercial Electric Panel Needs Upgrading

Commercial Electric Panel

Commercial electric panels are an important part of any business. They distribute power throughout the building and keep everything running smoothly. However, sometimes they need to be upgraded to handle the increased demand of a growing business. You can learn about the precautionary measures to take to avoid any type of electric shock, on this website:

1. Higher Power Bills

When a commercial electric panel is not properly sized, the building cannot use all of the energy being produced from the panels. As a result, your electricity will be turned off until a commercial electrical service technician can come and fix it in order to decrease demand. This often leads to higher-than-normal power bills because you are not using all of the energy being produced from your panels.

2. Frequent Outages

If the commercial electric panel in your building is overloaded, it may trip circuits. However, this can also lead to more frequent power outages. When many people are running on one circuit, that circuit will become overloaded with energy. As a result, the system trips and creates an outage until it can be fixed. If your electric panel keeps tripping, you need to have it upgraded.

3. Panel Breakers are Difficult to Reset

One of the most common types of panel upgrades is a service upgrade. If a commercial electric panel cannot handle all of the current being supplied by the panels, the system will be overloaded and trip any time there is a demand increase. A service upgrade provides an additional breaker between your building and the electrical source so that if one circuit trips, it does not keep others from using power as well. If your console breakers are hard to reset or require multiple people to reset them, this may indicate an upgrade is necessary.

4. Old Black Boxes

All commercial electric panels contain black boxes that result in a certain circuit breaker being used to provide power for different parts of the building (i.e., kitchen appliances, break room outlets). These boxes can become overloaded and need replacing if they are not properly sized when your business expands or changes equipment use patterns. You can determine which box does what by simply walking around the building and turning different breakers on and off to see which circuit responds. If the box is not properly marked, you may need an electrician to help you determine which breaker goes to which room or appliance.

5. Panel Doesn’t Match Building Size

The commercial electric panel in your building should be sized properly based on the energy needs of your business and the number of circuits you need at that given time. This can cause problems with circuit tripping and equipment malfunctions when this does not happen, as we discussed above. If the panels were replaced recently but already overcrowded, they may have been incorrectly sized or overpriced when originally purchased.

6. System Upgrades

If you have already upgraded your commercial electric panel once, it is likely time for another upgrade. Your system is built to handle a certain amount of energy without deteriorating over time, which means it may become overloaded as your business continues to grow. To prevent further problems or outages, your system may need to be upgraded again to keep up with the increasing energy demands of your business. For more information on upgrading a commercial electric panel, contact MTS Controls today! We offer residential and commercial electrical installation services.

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