6 Types of Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography, unlike representational photography, is a genre in which the photographer, or artist, shows their conceptual idea to express their perception. 

Unlike commercial photography that captures what the camera sees, fine art photography shows what the artist sees. That means the photographer forgets about the conventional rule of photography and captures the perfect shot that communicates the idea to their audience.

Like representational photography, fine art photography also has different types. Looking to purchase some photography art for family and friends but aren’t sure which style is ideal? Without further ado, here are six different types of fine art photography.

1. Still-Life Photography

Still-life photography is the genre of photography that focuses on inanimate objects. This type of fine art photography relies on creativity and not the photographer’s skill. It makes use of lighting and the visual exceptionality of the photographer. Still-life photography also follows the advice of fine arts: forget the rule and create what you visualize. Through this, artists can make stunning arts that arouse views emotions.

2. Architecture Photography

As its name implies, architectural photography refers to capturing photos of buildings. Unlike the direct architectural photojournalism that shows designs and accurate representations of building structures, fine art architecture photographers create unnatural looks by taking shots from irregular angles to arouse the viewers’ emotions. They edit and experiment with colors to create satisfying narratives that convey the artist’s idea.

3. Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography means having a dark object against a bright background. This type of fine art photography shows a solid shape (usually represented by either a person, animal, or an inanimate object) against a brighter background. The image is not detailed but shows only the edges to match the represented objects. This genre of photography is visually artistic media that conveys information that’s easy to understand because it focuses on small details.

4. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography aims to capture the personality of an individual or a group of people by using elements like backdrops, lightning, blur and poses. The goal of portrait photography is to capture the photographed individuals. Portraits distinguish facial features from other parts of their body.

In fine art portrait photography, the artist would need to break some conventional rules to create an artistic snapshot. For example, fine art photographers don’t need to show the personality’s face — they just need to focus on the message they want to share. Instead of capturing facial features, they can choose to focus on the surroundings to tell their story.

5. Black and White Photography

This is another genre of fine art photography that expresses ideas in black and white. Instead of illustrating the artist’s perspective in full color, this type of photography focuses on other elements, like lighting and contrast, to convey the photographer’s idea. This genre of fine art photography is used to create lifelong photography that focuses on what matters because of its fine details.

6. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is an artistic genre that utilizes the natural environment (like mountains, forests, seascapes and valleys) to pass unique information. Unlike commercial photography, which directly shows what the camera sees, landscape art photography captures the surroundings from the artist’s perspective. Thus, it conveys information different from what the camera sees.

As explained above, fine art photography doesn’t convey information as seen; rather, it hides it in the photograph. That means this genre of photography doesn’t depend much on professionalism but rather creativity and how the photographer can visualize ideas.

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