6 Tactics to Fix Up Best Car Features For Ultimate Thrift


Who doesn’t dream of having a car in pristine, detail worthy shape? But a professional detail can cost you approximately between $125 to $150, and even if you do it yourself, the expensive professional auto products available can put a dent in your wallet.

Here are a few ways to get your car in “inspection order” cheap:


Toothpaste for your headlights Wants to save $20 to even $40 on your detail journey. Here you go. Ditch buying a headlight restoring product and buy a tube of toothpaste at the dollar store, along with a toothbrush. Spread the toothpaste on the brush, and liberally spread on to your old, faded headlights. Then wait around five minutes before you rinse it off. This is a hack that not only is guaranteed to work but restoring your headlights will instantly roll the dated look of your car.


Get new tyres Unless your tyres are great, not only will your vehicle look outdated, but generally, they will be unsafe to drive. This is one hack on our list that will cost you a fair amount of money, but you can save plenty by taking advantage of tyre offers. With the right offer, you can get four brand new wheels for the price of a single, professional detail.

Claybar and inexpensive wax For around $10 bucks or so, you can purchase a clay bar and detailing pad to smooth out the dirt, grime, and sap on your car. Just spray some water on it, and gently clay bar the car’s finish. How do you know when things are smooth? When the car is dry, take a small plastic bag and put it over your hand.

Then gently rub your hand over the paint surface. The plastic will catch on any uneven paint surfaces, making it easy to go back and clay bar that section. Once the surface is smooth, apply an easy to use $5 to $8 car way and buff it lightly with a hand mitten. Unless you have a show car, have a buffer and want to spend hours on it, most fix-up owners experience is that an easy to apply wax will protect it just as well as a $40 wax kit.


Rubbing alcohol on windshield wipers. Do you have a car with working windshield wipers that work, but leave ungodly streaks all over your windows? Simply take 20 cents worth of rubbing alcohol and apply with a clean rag. This simple hack won’t keep you from having to replace worn windshield wipers, but if the wipers work and your only problem are the streaks, this hack will solve that problem in minutes.

Car Seats

Revive your seats and carpets More often than not, what separates a nice looking car, even if it’s a 25-year-old beater from a junk heap is stains on the carpets, and more importantly the seats. If you have cloth seats with hideous stains, try a bit of hydrogen peroxide and a white vinegar solution. Simply dab the seats with the solution, wait around three minutes, and then pick everything up with a microfiber towel.


There are other, more expensive products out there, but this one works like a charm. For really tough stains, you may have to work on it more than once. For carpets, vacuum the rug first, then brush it with a stiff brush before applying the vinegar/hydrogen peroxide mix. If you have leather seats, you can buy products advertised as a leather cleaner, but they are expensive, often running $15 or more for a small bottle. Instead, head to your local dollar store and pick yourself up a product such as Awesome cleaner, a non-acid, non-bleach, nonflammable product that is very cheap to buy and serves as a fantastic degreasing solution for leather car seats.

Dilute it according to directions, and then spay on stains for around five minutes before cleaning with a microfiber towel. If the stain only partially comes out, reapply and try again. It could take up to three total applications, but for a few dollars, this fantastic product works.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Deep clean your wheels To deep clean your wheels remove the wheels off the car, and use a high-pressure washer, together with an automotive product designed to eliminate brake dust. Practically any product will do, provided it’s compatible with the wheels that you have on your car. Some products don’t work with alloy wheel, others don’t work with steel.

Begin by pressure washing the wheel front and back to eliminate as much brake dust and goo as possible. Then apply the brake dust elimination product and lightly scrub. Be sure to wear gloves as the chemicals can be fairly toxic. Finally, powerwash again, then dry with a towel.

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