6 Simple Ways To Prevent Elderly Patients From Falling Out Of Bed

Elderly Patients

Generally, falls are the primary cause of injuries among the elderly in the United States, with bed falls becoming a significant concern among seniors. CDC estimated that 3 million seniors require emergency care due to falls each year, with bed falls becoming common among the elderly. You can learn about the best practices to take care of your elders and help them stay healthy, on this website:

Fortunately, there are several proven methods of intervention that will help prevent seniors from rolling or falling off the bed. These methods are easy to use and do not require time and effort.

1- Bed Rails

Bed rails are a standard method of intervention that most people immediately think of when it comes to Bed fall prevention. They are installed on the two sides of the bed, and if the mattress is on the wall, only one rail is enough. The rails keep the bed contained, and if sturdy enough, elderly patients can use the bed rails to hold onto when they are getting up and down from the bed.

2- Pool Noodles

Bed rails may not be an effective solution for all people especially those with dementia. In such a case, pool noodles are a suitable alternative. Place them on both sides of the bed, ideally within a mattress pad or fitted sheet to act as bumpers. They are softer than bed rails with the same idea of reinforcing the bed’s edges to prevent falling.

3- Floor Mat

A bedside safety mat does not prevent falling but instead reduces the severity of potential injuries such as head trauma. The specially designed form mattress safety mat is simple to use by simply placing it next to the bed to reduce the impact of the fall. However, this alternative may not be suitable for all cases also, remember it does not prevent falls. It may not be the best solution for seniors who may experience challenges with getting up from the mat.

4- Invest in Bed Alarms

Equip the elderly’s nightstand with bed alarms which are very innovative products when it comes to monitoring if the senior gets off the bed. They do not prevent falls but alert the caregiver in case of movements of the bed.

5- Invest in a Safety Bed Design

Depending on the senior’s health status, it may be time to start considering buying a whole new bed. There are various hospital beds, like posey beds enclosed on both sides; hence, there is no chance of bed falls. There is also the option of buying a low bed or one with the right height. The appropriate size of the bed should be the knee level, in which case the senior cannot lose balance and fall when getting off, and also, in case of a fall, the impact is minimal.

Depending on the height of the bed and the frequency of occurrence, the falls may lead to severe injuries, which may be fatal. Bed falls can have a ripple effect of negative consequences for the elderly beyond physical injuries. It is essential to start by considering the height of the bed when trying to prevent these falls.

6- Wedges, Rolls, and Bolsters

There are different types of wedges, rolls, and bolsters that can help prevent seniors from falling from the bed. However, you should carefully select these items according to the needs of the individual. They all work to support the elderly bodies preventing them from falling off the bed.

As you have seen, preventing bed falls among seniors is an achievable goal. The first step is always to determine the cause of the falls to address the issue effectively. However, before taking any action or measure, you should talk to them to get their suggestions and preference.

Learn more about the problems elderly people can face in daily life, on this website:

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