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6 Reasons Better Storage Means Better Mental Health

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When we are more organised, we feel better, but sometimes that just isn’t enough of a reason to really focus on the matter. Colourful new trends, big renovations and fun projects at home can get in the way of these truly functional and practical issues.

Today though, it’s time to think a little more about whether or not better storage solutions should be higher up your priority list. If you lack the motivation to really switch things up for better organisation, these 6 reasons it could boost your mental health could be what you need to get things in better shape when it comes to your stuff:

1. A Tidy House Equals A Tidy Mind

So the saying goes, if the house is tidy, your mind is tidy. If you have found your organisation and moods go a bit bonkers when your house is cluttered, you know all too well that this saying is true.

Often, if we have a house that is a bit hectic, we can feel hectic because of that fact. By implementing better storage, you tidy your home and your mind, for a boost in calm thoughts and general zen vibes.

2. More Space For The Things You Love Can Help With Happiness

Making more space in your home means you have more space to have family and friends stay, to boost your social happiness. It means you can have a space for hobbies, or maybe even a workspace to use for better work/ life balance. By clearing out the spare room into cheap self storage, or decluttering and selling off furniture you don’t need, you make extra space you can utilise for better health and happiness.

3. Clutter Reflects Memory Clutter

Experts tell us that when we have emotional clutter, this can be reflected in our homes. We may be disorganised and feel suffocated by our stuff – and our mind is in exactly the same state. The good news is that decluttering, and organising, can then help us to breathe and make some space, both in our homes and in our minds. It is no substitute for healthy mind habits like therapy, exercise or meditation, but it’s definitely a help.

4. Dysfunction Is Stressful

When our space is hard to interact with, it is stressful. You trip over a toy, you can’t use the kitchen worktops because of paperwork, you can’t fully relax because there is clutter on the sofa. When you not only declutter, but create better organisation with storage boxes, cheap self storage and hidden storage, you literally make your home functional and therefore, feel a lot better interacting with your home.

5. Disorganisation Can Rob Us Of The Future

Those jeans you have been hoping to fit into one day. The tool you have been hoping you will need to use. The keepsakes you know you want to get rid of, but it’s too painful to do it yet. These things make us dwell on the past, and surround ourselves with items that we don’t need. By decluttering and organising things better in our home, we get rid of baggage and allow ourselves to move forward.

6. Clutter Can Make Us Feel Depressed

Scientific studies show that at its worst, clutter can make us feel anxious and depressed. Our stress hormones are literally higher when our home is disorganised and cluttered.

By taking the time to set up seasonal cheap self storage, better in-home storage and decluttering, we can literally remove the source of depression for ourselves if the way our home is, is the only cause.

Clutter and disorganisation is rarely the sole reason that we might feel stressed, depressed or otherwise not ourselves mentally. However, boosting your organisation and losing that clutter can be so beneficial, it is certainly worth your attention. Whether you declutter a drawer, or reorganise your entire bedroom, the chances are you’ll feel better for it, which is definitely an easy win.

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