6 Rationale to Prove Hats Make You Look More Attractive Than You Think

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Symmetry is the key that many ignore, but our human mindset is pre-set to search for symmetry in everything that surrounds us. According to research done by an independent organization, what many humans define as handsome or pretty is a face with symmetry. The crux of the whole research was, the more symmetrical the face is, the more good-looking a person is considered. Having a symmetrical face is not up to us, but adding cosmetical changes at our will is something we could do. Providing the right face symmetry is the final goal, and to achieve it, there are several ways to mitigate one’s asymmetry. Surprisingly men’s lack in certain fields far behind women’s and cosmetics is one of all. Many of us have often heard that haircuts redefine your look, but this window becomes too narrow for men.

But there is, however, one more way by which most men can dapper their looks, and that is with mens hat which has been in use since ancient times to balance asymmetrical faces. Choosing one perfect hat size for your face will undoubtedly add to your overall looks and provide a sharper appearance to your ugly mug.

Follow these five basic rationales while deciding the right hat for your face shape

It’s best to have these thoughts in mind while deciding, ‘One thing everyone likes about Marmites is either you hate them or love them. The same is the case for hats. Some might love them, and some prefer to have their distances’.

Rule #1 Adding constraints to stick with the trend is a complete NO

Everyone has somewhere their natural fashion designer telling “this is best for me” and advise us to stick with it instead to trend. The present trend might be forcing everyone to go back to the 90s era and wear baseball caps, but at the same time, it is equally likely possible you might want to wear fedoras. Fear not. Instead of going with the trend, be the person who looks much more beautiful in fedoras rather than ugly.

Rule #2 Etiquettes? Leave them all behind

Most people tend to keep their hat mode on irrespective of the surrounding. We call it general etiquette of where to wear and wear not. This at times might not be relevant, but this is something which can’t be ignored too. For someone who is a frequent visitor to cinemas or tubes, it’s isn’t the wisest plan to stick with your hair accessory, especially if you have UFO-sized fedoras inside these places.

Rule #3 Endeavour different things

An independent survey was conducted on, which is the perfect mens hat? Amused its reader when fact been told revealed many who earlier believed that isn’t the hat person or they don’t suit hat, finally felt in love with their perfect hat. If certain hats didn’t work best for you, at first try being Jamiroquai in 2021 or find your perfect partner in beanies, bowlers, or boaters.

Rule #4 What matters are proportions

Finding the perfect hat isn’t only the part of the deal. Rest start with matching it with everyday costumes. Let’s understand this with an example, for someone who is wide-brimmed up at the top, and it’s best to wear something that balances with the rest of the outfit’s overall appearance. This eventually could be accomplished by wearing a loose blouse for skinnies to putting on a flared jean that match the upper half of the body. One who anyhow manages to keep things shapely then and there wins half of the battle.

Rule #5 Weather might be your friend or foe in this long journey

There are not many instances where the weather might regale to hat-wearing but wearing the hat in the wind is not ideal. Be prepared to permanently glue your one hand to the hat, or else you could skip the hat for these days.

Rule #6 Confidence is the key while deciding

Finally, remember you aren’t Mark Jacobs, thus knowing when to rock da hat is a must. As goes with the old proverb, it’s the hat which you wear, not vice-versa. Confidence is one such thing that lets you wear in confidence.

Final Verdict

Remember, it’s you who decides whether you are a hat person or not. Yes, only you, and you should never let someone else hold back this position for you! To live a healthy life, it’s best to stick with the decisions you once made and start dressing only in the things you love and like. Choosing the right hat is a ton of tasks but dealing with people mocking and taking bits of advice is another big task. It’s you who has to wear your hat for long, so it’s you who you should be listening to, not the world.

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