6 Novel Hacks to Stay Fashionable


Whether you believe in the stories in the bible or not, we can reference the story of Adam and Eve when speaking about clothing. The story mentions “the first time when humans found out they were naked.” Hence, this was the first time that fashion was introduced to the world (if the story were to be true).

We’ve now evolved to a higher degree where technology allows us to have the ability to even spray clothes on. Yes, SPRAY clothes on. Google it if you don’t believe me. However, in this article, we will not be discussing the specific technologies used to make clothing but instead will be discussing six different hacks you can use in order to stay fashionable all year.

If you want to stay fashionable, you first have to define what that means to you. Yes, you can simply copy what all the hype beasts are doing, but then you would simply be a copy of someone else. The definition of “fashionable” is being influenced by a current trend or popular style. It doesn’t say “copying” a trend or style so you have to mix it with your personality and your own style. The six ways to make sure you remain fashionable at all times are to first watch or attend a fashion show. You can read a book about fashion, take a course, or visit a luxury clothing store to find what’s trending and selling. Or, you can find a website that leaks clothing items to find unique items.

  1. Attend or watch fashion shows

Attending a fashion show is one of the best ways to stay fashionable since it gives you a leg up on all the people that did not attend the show. If you take photos of your favourite styles, you can then look for similar items to display on your body. If you can’t attend a live show, you can always watch the replays on T.V. or on the internet. You can also review and study different shows for different seasons and years. Maybe you even bring back an item that people forgot about.

  1. Take a course

If you feel like you’re not fashionable enough, or need some help from a professional, you can purchase or attend a local course. Here, the instructor will most definitely be fashionable and will give you all of the tips you need in order to improve your own style. Similarly, you can look out for one of the best places for trendy and fashionable items. They might have ready to wear items that won’t cost you a fortune & can make you look stylish as well.

  1. Follow Fashion Magazines

One of the best ways to learn is still using books or magazines. Visit a local library or browse the internet for magazines on fashion. You will learn about the history of fashion and how trends are influenced. Knowing more about what makes something fashionable will allow you to create your own styles to become an icon yourself.

  1. Purchase “one of the ones”

Having a one of one item is a for sure fashionable statement. Why? Because no one else will have it and you will be the only one with it. The only drawback to this is that they may be expensive, but if you have the money to purchase items like this, people will ask you where you bought and you will only be able to say “there’s only one in the world.” That is a high fashion statement that only celebrities can say.

  1. Find “leak” websites

There are hundreds of websites that leak information on everything from music to shoes and apparel. Find one of these to browse what styles will be appearing in the coming months. Just like attending a fashion show, this will give you a leg up when showing your sense of fashion to others.

  1. Visit the luxury clothing stores

What I have found to be a great way to remain fashionable is to visit luxury clothing stores. These stores spend millions of dollar on customer research and on researching trends to create “hot” items. Yes, they will be expensive, but we’ve found that these companies serve as inspiration for other more affordable companies to sell similar items. If you see something you like at one of these luxury stores, you can then shop for a similar item somewhere else. It will look like a brand name, but it won’t be as expensive, and you’ll still be fashionable.


In conclusion in this article, we discussed six overall hacks to stay fashionable. We didn’t want to make this article about the type of garments that would make you fashionable because they change with the seasons. Instead, we provided six hacks you can use to seek new trends and remain an icon in your own sphere.

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