6 Hairstyling Tips That’ll Make Sure You Sport The Best Hairstyle On Your Wedding

Bridal hairstyle

So, now that you are getting married there must be a lot of questions going through your mind. From the wedding attire to planning on the decor options, there will be a lot to decide. We obviously don’t have all the answers to your questions but what we can help you with is providing some hair styling tips that’ll come really handy on the day of your wedding.

Confused about where to start? You must start by collecting the pictures of the hairstyles you like on the internet along with visiting the best makeup artist in Pune and then decide on one that you like the most. While going through the process, you must remember that on the day of your wedding, you must look like the best version of yourself. One thing you must remember is that beauty comes from within and must look natural.

You must always go with your gut feeling when deciding from the many options and ask yourself – Is it your style? Will it feel right? If you don’t like the suggestions of your friends and family members then don’t follow them. It is your wedding and must be set on your own terms and not on what others want for you.

First Shortlist Your dress

Before starting anything, you must first pick the dress you’ll be wearing on the day of your wedding. It is really important that the bride’s hairs complement the dress she’s wearing. The equal focus should be given to the veil as well if you choose to sport one. The veil can be chosen according to the hairs you’ve already decided on or vice-versa.

wedding dress

Consider Wedding Venue

Are you planning a casual wedding or a traditional one? This will greatly impact the choice of the hairstyle options that you can choose from. If you’re having a casual beach-side wedding it will be best if you keep your hairs down. If you’re going for a regal one then tying those hairs up in a bun making a formal look will be the best option and if having an outdoor wedding is your first choice then sport those cascading curls.

Hair Texture And Length

Consider Hair Texture And Length

Longish hairs are important to sport a bun on the day of your wedding. Have short hairs? There’s no need to freak out as there are various hairstyling options that will look great on you as well. When it comes to hair texture, you must keep the natural one and try not to fight it out. If you’re having curly strands then you can keep the hairs down or up as both will look equally amazing. If you have straight hairs then you can either curl them up or tie into a bun. Worried that you have neither straight nor the curls? Don’t you worry, as the wavy hairs are the best as they can be straightened or can be curled, and are perfect to sport half up/half down hairstyles.

Schedule A Hair Trial

Scheduling a Hair Trial, at least a month before the wedding, is important so as to know exactly what your hairs will look like on the day of your wedding. This will help you decide on the little adjustments that need to be done to attain that perfect look.

Schedule A Hair Trial

Don’t Try To Tame The Flyaways

At all costs, you must stay away from the heavily lacquered overly stiff styles. It’ll look really weird when even a sudden breeze won’t be able to shift a single strand of hair and the hairs will look like sculpted with glue. If you’ve tried everything in your power and still can’t keep a check on them, then you can go with an unstructured hairstyle as it’ll also look great.

Bridal hairstyle

Don’t Experiment And Try To Be Yourself

In our opinion, the Bridal hairstyle follows the same rules as the bridal makeup. If you’re a person who likes to keep things casual then the day of your wedding is not when you should break out of that look. If you’re a glam girl and likes to sport a trendy hairstyle every day then you can try to go even bigger and bolder with the wedding hairstyle look.

The problem that occurs with a lot of brides is that they want to sport a look just like they see in the magazines and over the internet but you must remember that you must be flexible enough as every person’s hairs are different. Like many others, try not to fall in the trap of developing a tunnel vision as it will ruin the whole look.

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