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5 Ways to Know If Your Solar Panel Is Not Working

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It’s not easy to deal with solar panel issues due to the panels’ technology and solar installation complicated processes. For instance, you might identify an issue with the panel, but you may not know why and how to solve it. Meaning, there could be more than one issue that contributes to the non-functional system. Below are ways to diagnose solar panel performance issues.

Check the Solar Inverter

Almost all panels come with an inverter that helps turn the direct current from the panel to the alternate current for home appliances. The first thing to help you notice that the inverter has an issue is energy production loss. You may also get an error code if the inverter shows a red or orange flashing light.

Also, check out the color of lights on the box, mostly when the system is running. If the solar light is red, be sure to call a professional since that’s an indication that your panel needs urgent fixing.

Check for Obstructions

Most solar panels’ common problems are the pile-up of dirt, debris, dust, pollen, and other elements. Such components pose a significant challenge to a functional solar panel.

The panel needs direct sunlight, and such elements can block the light from accessing it. They may look minor but can cause the panel to generate lower power than the expected. Check out if your panel has such elements and also check if it has plastic peeling.

Check out for Bird Droppings and Salt Accumulation

Other elements to check out for that could be the cause of the solar panel not working are bird droppings and salt accumulation if you live close to the cost. They nest under the panel, damaging the PV components. It’s crucial to clear off such elements from your panel and let it be free from anything that can stall its significant production.

Other things to check out for are grown trees around the area, a roof ventilator, or a structure blocking the shade from accessing your solar panel. You don’t have to climb the roof to clean off the elements. A massive storm can wash them away.

Although if you notice accumulation even after the storm, consider seeking professional help from an expert with the right equipment to clean the panel for you. Working with an experienced person lowers your chances of injuries on a wet roof or when climbing the ladder.

Overheating Solar Panel System

A functional solar panel should have moderate temperatures. To diagnose heating problems, check for the heat shade and determine the chances of excessive temperature. These cause your panel to under-perform. You’ll notice that there’s less power production during hot temperatures, and it occurs when there’s an underlying issue with the solar panel.

Most of the time, this issue affects parts of the solar panel instead of the whole system, which causes the affected to wear out faster than other parts of the panel. That’s why it’s advisable to check the type of panel when selecting from the manufacturer since some perform better than others in hot seasons.

The System Wiring Is Loose

There are various wiring systems used during the installation, and each has several wires. Some are connected with a string of panels, while others are connected with multiple wires. Wiring gets affected after some time due to various elements such as heavy winds and storms, which causes the wire connections to fail.

Water damages the wiring conduits, especially when they are not correctly installed, which creates gaps that open the way for rainwater or water used when cleaning the panel to damage the inside wiring. Although this type of challenge is rear, it can reduce solar production rates and other unexpected electrical issues.

Wiring can be one of the most complicated things you can do. It’s ideal to call for an expert with solar wiring experience and specialized tools to fix it. Some experts are likely to install monitoring, which allows you to know how your solar system is functioning. It makes the troubleshooting of the panel simple. In case of water damages, you’ll need not only a solar expert but also an electrician to diagnose and fix possible issues.

Correct Your Solar Panels Issues As soon As Possible

Once you’ve identified your solar panel issues that could be affecting its performance, it would help if you got professional Solar panel repairs from an expert to help you fix the issues within the shortest time possible. These will help you avoid injuries during the process.


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