5 Ways to DIY Chairs: Make Your Own Cozy Seats

Cozy Seats

The recent pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives. It’s not safe to go out these days, and on top of that, you have plenty of idle time. You can efficiently utilize this time to learn new things.

DIY chairs can be fun projects for people who love making stuff at home or enjoy woodwork. It’s a great way to decorate your house. Plus, it saves you dollars. So, why not give it a try?

If you’re new at this, we got your back. We have some smart ideas for the beginners and shall explain step by step.

So, let’s get started.

#1. Basic Wooden Chairs

Wooden furniture is sturdy and easy to make.

To start making the basic wooden chairs, it’s better to have a few tools in the collection like- whole screws of ½ to ¼ inches, flat reed splints, wood glue, stapler, brad nails, primer, paints, wood shaping tools, scrappers, lumbers, fillers, screwdrivers, drilling machine, inch tape, hammer, saws, etc.

Measure, mark, and cut the wood according to your preference. The back legs, front legs, stretchers all can be customized. Use pencils to mark first and then cut the wooden material with a woodcutter.

Shape the back legs, the backrest, and the seat properly using the machines. You can use some 2×4 pieces of wood for the additional support of the hind legs. Mark the drilling spots. Then, using the drilling machine, make the ¼ inches deep dowel holes and apply some glue inside them.

After that, fix the side stretchers and the side seat stretchers together. Then using that support, set all four legs in place. Use a hammer to assemble the legs. Scrape off extra wood and fix the back seat stretcher drilling holes in the same way. -Also, if you want to give it a rustic look, a wood burning tool is going to be the perfect tool to achieve it. You can make simple embossed wood shapes with this tool depending on your design preferences.

Finally, paint and polish according to your preference.

#2. Patio Chairs

If you’re looking to build sturdy outdoor chairs, patio chairs are the right kind. They are easy to assemble once you’ve cut the wooden pieces accordingly. Follow a layout of your choice. After cutting the parts, make sure to smoothen them using sandpapers.

Then step by step, assemble the seat frames, square frames, backrest and armrest supports, using waterproof glues and whole screws. Moving on, you need to fit the seat slats and the back seat slats, and finally, attach the armrest using galvanizing screws.

While making the slats, make sure that they are equally spaced. You can also reupholster an old chair using upholstery fabric, sewing machine, staple gun, etc. Just give it a new look.

#3. Tire Chairs

Tire chairs are exciting options for beginners. These are cool, funky, and, most importantly, super easy to make. All you need are four materials- a drill, nylon rope, spray paint, and of course, one or two old tires.

The first step is to drill the holes, depending on the size of the tires. Usually, 14-16 holes are enough. The next step is to color the tire with spray paints. Choose whatever color suits you.

Finally, weave through the holes using a sturdy rope. Make sure you get the rope length in check. Sometimes you notice you’re out of ropes after you’ve started weaving. Stack two or three tire chairs together if you want to adjust the height.

#4. Kitchen Chairs

To assemble kitchen chairs, you’ll need the same tools, but since it’s a kitchen chair, it looks good with cross-rails as back-stretchers. So, you can follow a similar process of making the wooden chairs. Just add cross-rails to it.

Let us give you the gist. Kitchen chairs are made of the following parts: the upper rails, lower rails, cross-rails, back support, rear legs, front legs, stretcher board, apron board, and finally, a seat with a cushion.

The first step is to cut the 2×6 rear legs and back support into 48-inches long pieces. You can use a miter saw to do that. Then using a skill saw, build a cross-rail for the back of the chair in a way that it connects both of the back pockets.

After that, gradually assemble the cross-rails, fix the back and front legs together, attach cross-rails to the back post, and lastly, assemble the seat cushion. The cushion is optional here.

A pro tip for assembling the cushion would be to place it in three layers, first the plywood, then 4 inches of cushion, and lastly, cover it up with a piece of suitable fabric. Glue, drill, and finish up. It’s that easy!

#5. Gaming chairs

Really? Gaming chairs? Is that even possible? Take a deep breath and relax. It’s not as crazy as it sounds. All you need are some L brackets, a good base, and, most importantly, a car seat! You’ll find one in the junkyards, or you can use one from your old car.

It’s best if you can get a seat from the premium car models to get both comfort and style. The next step is to cut two 2x12x8 boards that fit the size of your chair. Shape the upper board so that it’s 8-inches wider and 2-inches longer than the lower board.

Set the boards on a stable platform, and place the chair on top. Attach them properly. Next, drill and glue the stands like before.

Attach 2×4 pieces perpendicular to the base on both sides to make them more durable. Now get 2-3 L brackets and mock them up with the base. This helps to prevent the chair from falling off. Drill them with support.

To wrap up, add some unique features or customize the color to your preference.

Final Thoughts

Buying chairs online is straightforward, but to be honest, it is quite boring. DIY chairs can spice up your locked-down, monotonous life. This is a fun project for the people who love making stuff at home.

It will keep you active and save you money at the same time. So, why wait? Be creative and make your own chair! Oh, and don’t forget to share your feedback with us.

Good Luck!

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