5 Ways to Boost Your Operations with Microsoft Services

Microsoft Services

Microsoft has a plethora of business solutions, including Microsoft 365, which can help your business run more efficiently. Whether you’re looking to automate processes, generate new business from referrals, or manage your team’s daily workflow, Microsoft has something for you. You can learn about the many services offered by the Microsoft Company itself for their clients, on this website:

Here are five ways to use Microsoft to improve your operations.

Processes that can be automated to increase business growth

Process automation can optimize with Microsoft consulting services that can help business processes and free up resources, which will allow businesses to focus more on strategic tasks. Whether it is a simple customer inquiry, filling out a claim form, or managing billing, automation can streamline the most mundane tasks. It also saves resources, which will help businesses retain customers.

The benefits of automation are clear: it saves time. Businesses that automate their processes can be more efficient and increase their profits. Not only does automation increase productivity, it also improves accountability. It can also free employees from boring and repetitive tasks, which can contribute to poor employee morale.

Using referrals to generate business

One of the best ways to generate new business with Microsoft Services is through referrals. Customers want to do business with a company they can trust, and referrals can facilitate this. Referrals help accelerate business growth, boost visibility, and increase impact.

Provide great customer service. Customers are likely to share positive feedback and recommendations with their friends and family. However, it’s possible they won’t remember your business if you don’t follow up with them. By offering helpful and relevant information, you can remind your existing customers to spread the word about your company.

Identifying users who are open to sharing

Microsoft Office 365 allows for cross-cloud scenarios, but you must carefully monitor sign-in behaviour to prevent loss of desired access. To do this, you should speak to business stakeholders and examine sign-in behaviour. You should also be aware that sign-in events are only stored for 30 days.

Using Power BI toolset

Power BI is a powerful cloud-based business intelligence tool that can report on data from a wide variety of sources. Its capabilities make it a popular choice for finance, human resources, sales, and IT departments. Power BI is also accessible to teams at remote and hybrid workplaces.

You can connect Power BI to numerous Microsoft services, including Excel and SharePoint. You can also integrate the software with third-party solutions and data sources, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

Using Microsoft 365 Message center

When you use Microsoft 365, you can use the Message Center to track important tasks. The Message Center offers actionable information, but keeping track of all of it can be difficult. A simple solution to this problem is using Microsoft Planner. This tool syncs messages from your Microsoft 365 Message Center with your Microsoft Planner.

When you log into the Message Center, the list of all messages will appear in a table format. The most recent message is on top of the list. The messages are categorized by service. For instance, you can see messages from your Admin impact, Data privacy, new feature, Retirement, and more. When you need to find a specific message, you can select it from the list and take action.

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