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5 Trenchless Methods To Repair Pipes In Your House

Repair Pipes In Your House

Have you ever come back to your house and found it flooded? Or worse, filled with the contents of your sewer line? Well, regular maintenance, plumbing, and sewer line repairs are the solution to avoid facing that nightmare. However, traditional sewer line maintenance might tear up your entire yard and make it look like a campsite with wide trenches, destroying the beautiful setting of your home.

The traditional repairs also consume a lot of extra time and cost, owing to the extra billable hours and workmen. Trenchless pipe repair is a quicker and more efficient alternative that could lower your cost, and save you from an uncomfortable situation in a lesser amount of time too! Plus, they are the least invasive, which is better for your house in the long run. The trenchless pipe repairs have a huge set of advantages over traditional methods such as:

  • It is a cleaner option with no mess created during the repairs.
  • It does not disrupt expensive landscaping or corporate building foundations to repairs the sewer lines that may be running beneath it.
  • It is comparatively much faster to the extent that repairs are fully completed within a timeframe of a few days to a few weeks.
  • Trenchless pipe repairs are typically less expensive when compared to the prices of the traditional repair methods. This is especially important if your insurance doesn’t cover clauses like flooding or pipeline damage. Trenchless repairing services allow you to get the same repairs done for a lesser amount of money and a smaller loss of time.
  • Trenchless pipe repairs are made using pipeliners, made up of partial and seamless polythene, specially designed for full repairs. This makes the repairs technologically more advanced and it prevents problems like cracks and offset pipes due to its joint-free piping technology. This is not the case for traditional repairs. The piping material used by the new technology also doesn’t corrode or rust in places having wet or damp weather.

The newer technology trenchless pipelining could even improve the quality of the pipes and increase their capacity for handling the flow of materials. This combined with the lower expenses and faster timelines make it a popular option for most customers. However, sewer repairs and replacements are tasks that should be referred to experts and teams who know the new technology and could work seamlessly with it.

The professionals offer agile trenchless pipe relining services, which have the above mentioned advantages. There are three major types of trenchless pipe repairs and we have compiled a list of them for you to figure out which one is the solution to your particular problem.

  • First, we have the directional boring method or the horizontal drilling method, which works with the installation of underground pipes along a particular path without damaging the surrounding of the path. It is a minimally invasive method to get the pipes installed.
  • Pipelining or Cured In Place Pipe Lining is a popular option to repair or replace drains that have become damaged due to various causes. In CIPP, you could create a new pipe within the existing framework using tough epoxy resins, which contains enough strength and resistance to handling more flow capacity than the original pipe. This repair is also made with minimal invasive attempts that do not uproot landscaping or create huge trenches on your lawn.
  • Thumping or non-directional boring is especially used in sidewalks, driveways and roads where openly creating trenches and digging into pipeworks would be both highly disruptive as well as dangerous. The process works by creating small pits and steering from there to simultaneous pits while installing the new pipe materials.

The maintenance of your sewer lines is definitely a delicate matter along with being a top priority. With professionals who understand this technology, you could easily get your repairs done within a small timeframe with minimal disruptions.

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