5 Symbolic Wedding Anniversary Gifts to Increase Love with Every Passing Minute

Wedding Anniversary Gifts
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Working through a wedding is no joke. It demands adjustments, compromises, trust, loyalty and most of all, love. Every year when the date comes when you two exchanged vows, it is a reminder of unconditional commitment and undying affection between two hearts brimming with love for each other. The celebration of wedding anniversary does demands inclusion of friends and family but the celebratory moment that you two share alone is what matters. When you wish each other with gifts in hands while looking into each other’s eyes that is when the love comes alive in heart.

Hunting for such a gift that exudes charm to attract your spouse may be a hectic task but fret not, this article is going to resolve that trouble too. Here is a list of few symbolic wedding anniversary gifts that are known to increase love between the couple and keep happiness in a marriage alive.

1. Pearls

Traditionally known as 30th wedding anniversary gift, with pearls it is the meaning that matters and not the timeline. Pearls are long lasting and always a favourite among everyone and that’s what exactly you could ask for your wedding. May it endure all the fuels and flames and be an example for everyone to follow. So, this wedding anniversary, pick a beautiful pearl to convey love to your spouse.

2. Cakes

Cakes are must-have on any celebratory occasion and having it at wedding anniversary is to convey the sweetness of your relationship so far and for years to come. Obviously, you are going to cut a wedding anniversary cake in everyone’s presence in the evening celebration but how beautiful it will be to share a slice of you favourite cake with your spouse at the stroke of midnight. Pick any online bakery and opt for midnight delivery option for a hassle free delivery and a sweet surprise for your partner.

3. Silverware

The tradition may have started in Germany to congratulate the couple on the completion of 25 wedding years but the meaning behind it is reason enough to forget the number and gift it to your spouse in the upcoming anniversary. The gift of silver represents the good fortune that had prolonged the lives and happiness of the couple for many years to come. It is a symbol of blessing and good luck for a married couple on their anniversary. If you haven’t laid your hands on anything yet, start looking for beautiful silverware for your spouse.

4. Wood

To gift something wooden to your spouse is to pray for a relationship that lasts till eternity full of love and affection. A charming wooden icon represents the durable and long lasting relationship, no matter what life may throw at both of you. It is a symbol of strength of your marital bonding. Moreover, it is quite affordable too. Get your spouse a wooden charm and make it a moment between you two on this anniversary.

5. Paper

Why paper? It’s available for cheap and is fragile, then why it is a symbolic wedding anniversary gift? The paper symbolises the modest beginnings and the growth in a relationship between a married couple. It is a reminder that marriage is a fragile institution but could be made stronger with constant effort and true love between the spouses.

6. Point- Cakes

Would you like to sweep your partner off their feet by recreating your wedding cake for your first anniversary celebrations? If this is something you have in mind, you should definitely buy cake online Dubai. It is very easy to just relax and sit back at home and browse the best cakes with their flavours online. You can also call the experts and request them for something special. Selecting the best bakeries and cake artists can ensure that you make your anniversary celebrations as special as your wedding day.

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