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5 Signs a Commercial Property Needs a New Roof

Commercial Property

A good roof offers shelter and protects employees, tenants, and possessions from rain and other extreme weather elements. Maintenance and care may not be enough to make a commercial roof last a lifetime. Aging, storms, and harsh weather conditions can cause wear and tear or damage roofs. A new roof will be essential at some point to prevent further damage or injuries. You can learn about the difference between a commercial and domestic area, on this website: http://www.thehomepicz.com

Here are signs one should look for to know it’s time to get a new roof for their commercial property.

Cracked, Buckling, shingles, and curling

Shingles on a commercial property withstand extreme weather conditions like excess heat, hail strong winds, and storms. Exposure to the outdoors can cause them to curl, crack, or buckle. Shingles and other roofing materials keep flat on the roof while they’re at their best. When one starts to see cracks, buckling, or curling of roofing materials, they should know it’s time to call in a commercial roofing services company to replace the roof with a new one.

Regular Leaks

Leaks are a sign that a roof needs repair or replacement. Many commercial property owners ignore leaks and act when much water pours through the ceiling and damaged goods or assets. One should expect damaged rafters, the presence of mold, paint damage, among other water damages in their property when leaks are not repaired on time.

Regular leaks mean a serious problem with your roofing structure or roofing materials. And common leaks mean more repair costs. A new roof is a perfect solution to help one avoid regular repair costs and give their property a new look.

Sagging Roof

If a commercial roof starts to sag, it is a sign of weakness in the roofing structure, and it needs replacement sooner. The sagging roof will have dips and valleys that can hold water, snow, soil, houseplants, and other materials that can worsen the condition. Call in experts for commercial roofing services to inspect the roof, and if severely damaged, consider installing a new structure and roofing.

Aged Roofing Material

Different roofing materials have different lifespans. One should check the lifespan of their roofing material to know when they should replace it. For instance, metal roofing can last for more than 40 years, while other materials like asphalt can last close to 25 years.

Old commercial roofing is vulnerable to damage and collapse. It can cause property damage and injuries once it collapses. Therefore, one should contact roofing experts to inspect the roofing condition and check its lifespan. If it’s old and worn out, one should consider replacing it.

When Roof Repair Becomes a Regular Thing

Many factors can make commercial roofing require regular repairs. It might be due to poor installation, poor roofing materials, or damages caused by harsh weather. Regular repairs can be costly in the long run, and replacing the roof is the best option. Hiring a reliable company offering quality commercial roofing services to install a new roof is essential to ensure one saves money in the long run and lives peacefully without worrying about water damages, especially during the rainy season.


Replacing an old or damaged commercial roofing comes with many benefits. It allows one to save on repair expenses and reduces the risk of property damage that can lead to business losses. One should hire a reliable commercial roofing company to inspect and replace the old or damaged roofing with a new one to avoid costly regular repairs in the near future.

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