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5 Qualities to Look for in Earth-Friendly Pest Controls

Pest Controls

While pests can be annoying and even damaging to property, it’s in everyone’s best interest to care about using earth-friendly pest control products to get rid of them. Otherwise, harsh chemicals like pesticides can get into groundwater, move through the air and ultimately end up in earth-damaging places. Here are five qualities you can look for in a pest control product to make sure it’s as earth-friendly as possible.

1. Uses Natural Ingredients

The first thing you can do is check the ingredient list to make sure everything in the pest control product is natural. Chemicals created in labs can be potent and highly toxic to insects and mammals like you and me. A quick internet search should turn up results about whether a listed ingredient can be found naturally or not. For example, borate is a naturally found mineral that can be used in pest control products. Assuming the other ingredients are also naturally found, these can be earth-friendly.

2. Low Environmental Impact

Once you know that the pest control product uses natural ingredients, you should check whether the ingredients will have a lasting impact on the environment. Even natural ingredients can have negative effects on the earth when used improperly. The quantities and timing of when you use the product can play a part in making it low-impact.

3. Inviting to Insectary Plants

Insectary plants that attract beneficial pests like honeybees can help control damaging pests and keep your outdoor space in good order (e.g. properly pollinated flowers). When beneficial pests aren’t eliminated by pest controls, then they can keep other pests that you don’t want away. Depending on the type of vegetation you have in your yard and garden, you may need to find active ingredients that don’t negatively affect your specific outdoor space.

4. Non-Toxic to Birds and Mammals

Birds and mammals can be natural pest controls, and you should try to avoid keeping them away. If they themselves become pests, you can use earth-friendly pest controls to limit their activity and keep them to certain areas. If a pest control has natural ingredients that are non-toxic to birds and mammals, that’s a quality to look for.

5. Tried and Tested for a Long Time

For years and years before pesticides were created in labs, earth-friendly pest controls were used to keep unwanted guests away from crops and homes. Neem oil is an example of an earth-friendly pest control that is effective when used sparingly. It works by suffocating insects before they mature. Diatomaceous earth can also be used in gardens to safely dispatch insects by damaging the cuticle of the insect when it crawls across the sharp soil.

Where Can You Find Earth-Friendly Pest Control?

If you want pest control products that are earth-friendly and work, then you should look into better science for a better world philosophy from Nisus. We can help you with a line of earth-friendly pest control products and wood preservation solutions.

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