5 Must-See Locations for Hiking in Switzerland

5 Must-See Locations for Hiking in Switzerland 1

With over 40,000 miles of trails throughout the landscape, Switzerland may be best seen by foot. Hiking in Switzerland is one of the favorite activities of both locals and tourists, and if you plan to travel to this alpine country from later spring through fall, you can enjoy some of the most pristine vistas in all of Europe. Here are five of the best hiking locations you should put on your to-do list when planning a trip to Switzerland.


Known for its massive ski resort, car-free village, and some of the highest peaks in the country, Zermatt is the ultimate spot for taking in fresh air with a glorious hike. This southern region, close to the border of Italy, is also home to the Matterhorn, the iconic Swiss mountain peak as well as the Aletsch Glacier.

Creux du Van

In the Swiss canton of Neuchatel is where you’ll find the horseshoe-shaped cliff known as Creux du Van. This naturally carved amphitheater is worth the hike, especially if you are lucky enough to spot the one of the native wildlife species, including ibex, lynx, and chamois, a type of goat-antelope.


Any trip that involves hiking in Switzerland should include a stop in the village of Grindelwald. Located in the center of the country, this region is popular with skiers in the winter, but summertime is when the hikers flock here. With Eiger Mountain in the background and lush alpine pastures around the village, you can take it easy or take a risk, depending on your ability and interest.


Combine your love of sightseeing with your love of hiking with a stay in this medieval city, located in the northeast region of Switzerland, not far from Germany and Lichtenstein. Right outside of town are the Rigi and Pilatus Mountains, just waiting to be explored. Try to time your visit during one of the music festivals to make the most of both nature and culture in this unique city.

Lake Geneva

On the French Alps side of Switzerland is the luxurious town of Geneva, which sits beside the largest lake in Western Europe. Lake Geneva offers beautiful views of the mountains in the distance, combined with the lovely terrain around the water and the forests nearby.

Not sure which region is the best for hiking in Switzerland? You could always book the Grand Tour, which covers 1,600 kilometers and circles the country. You can go by rail, car, and foot to see as much as you can in one trip.

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