5 Most Common and Uncommon Injuries After a Car Accident

Injuries After a Car Accident
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Car accidents can be far damaging than what is estimated from the outside. Sometimes, the most severe damage to the car leaves the driver with only scrapes and cuts, but some slight accidents can have serious impacts on a body part. It may depend on luck, but most times, the collision of the vehicle is in such a way that determines how a person is to get hurt.

Car accident injuries have paralyzed some people and left some in a state of coma. Some injuries can occur after a few minutes of the accident as well. So it’s best to prepare for these inevitable instances in life and get to know better which injuries can happen to you by reading below:

Head Trauma

As the head of a driver is the most exposed and unprotected inside a vehicle, it can suffer the most depending on the accident’s nature. Injuries to the head can be highly damaging in severe cases and have repercussions, including permanent or partial brain damage, constant headaches, sleeping disorders, and other nervous systems problems. There are treatments for these injuries that need to be handled immediately to avoid long-term damages. However, they can cost a lot if not adequately adjusted by a car accidents lawyer with getting the right compensation for you.


While head traumas can be uncommon and happen to a handful of people involved in car accidents, whiplash can be quite recurrent. This injury occurs on muscles and soft tissues of the body. Due to the sudden Collison and a jerk of the body, all the pressure forces the tissues and muscles to suffer or break, causing severe pain. The medical responders might supply something for the pain, but the system mends itself in time of such an injury.

Knee Injuries

In a vehicle, the front passenger’s knees are mostly touching the dashboard while riding and can suffer after colliding bitterly into it. A crash can cause the knees to suffer intensely and even need surgery in severe cases.

Knee caps can be hard to restore once severely damaged. The one suffering from such an injury may see the treatment through crutches or braces.

Broken Bones

Broken bones and ribs, and misplaced discs are the most occurrences after accidents. Rib bones are especially fragile and respond to the slightest compression with a hard surface. So after a car accident, always get a screening of your ribs to rule out any possible damages.

Car accidents playout in various sequences, but when a person sitting in the vehicle is impacted from the side or rear end, more damage can be accumulated. You can break your shoulders, legs, arms, and hips bones due to such collisions and go through pain and discomfort.

Psychological Injuries

The mental impacts of a car accident can be immense for some people and mild for others. In addition to injuries caused by the accident that can also take part in making a person experience feelings of guilt, anger, and disappointment due to the current state of the body, one can suffer from PTSD-like impacts as well.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is nothing to toss aside after a disturbing event like a car crash. It can make life difficult for the one experiencing it and diminish the quality of life. Hence, therapy should be sought after immediately with injury treatment.

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