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5 Locks To Rekey At Your Apartment Complex

Apartment Locks

Are you a building manager? Do you wish to rekey your apartment complex but are confused about which locks to replace? Don’t worry because we got you covered! Today, we will talk about the five most sensitive locks to rekey at your apartment complex. You can learn about the safety measures you should take in order to protect your home, on this website:

It is the duty of a property manager to ensure the safety and privacy of all its tenants. A manager must assume that the tenants and workers who leave the building will have spare keys to most locks. To safeguard the new tenants’ belongings, the manager must re-key these old locks time after time.

For this reason, we compiled a list of the five most sensitive locks which must be changed frequently. They are as follows:

Main Entrance Lock:

The main entrance of your apartment complex is the first lock you must replace.

All the tenants and workers will have keys to this lock. However, they will take the keys with themselves when they leave. Even if they return them, there is no way to ensure that they do not have any spare.

These old tenants and workers can return anytime and access the services of the building. They also pose a high-security risk for the current residents of the building.

Therefore, the building manager must replace the main entrance locks regularly.

Apartment Locks:

Tenants often leave their old apartments and shift into new ones. When they do so, you must replace the apartment locks.

Most tenants always have a spare set of keys to their apartment. But they only return the original key when they leave the building. So, they can return any time with their spare keys and open their old apartment.

This poses great security and privacy risk for the new tenants.

Therefore, it is crucial to replace the apartment locks every time a tenant leaves the building.

Back-entry Lock:

Replacing back-entry locks is as crucial as replacing the main entry locks.

All the tenants and workers have the keys to the back-entry gates. Even though these gates are used only in an emergency, people with the key can always enter the building through these doors.

Managers often do not consider replacing these locks, but they must! These locks are even more critical than front entrance locks. Because the management can monitor the front door locks, but back door locks are often left unattended.

Therefore, replacing back-door locks must be a priority.

Storage Unit Locks:

Many apartment complexes provide their tenants with individual storage units. When an old tenant leaves the building, the manager must replace the storage unit locks.

Tenants store their seasonal clothing and items in these storage units. Each tenant is allotted the keys to an individual storage unit.

The old tenants likely take the storage unit keys with them when they leave. Even if they return them, they might have a duplicate key.

These old tenants can then break in any time and steal the belongings of the new tenants. Also, they can intrude on their privacy.

Therefore, to ensure the safety and privacy of the new tenant’s belongings, the building manager must replace the locks to the old tenant’s storage unit.

Main Office Lock:

Many people will have keys to the main office. Therefore, you must replace your main office’s lock as frequently as you can.

You would’ve given the keys to your office to many workers at some point. You might have asked them to fetch a file for you or sweep the office. It is not uncommon for workers to forge a duplicate key to your office.

Your office holds all your important documents and belongings, so it is wise to change your office locks frequently.


Building managers must frequently re-key the locks in their apartment complex. Therefore, it is wise to maintain a contract with reliable and trustworthy locksmith service. Locksmith in Chicago is one of the best lock replacement service providers in the area. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your building and your residents.

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