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5 Key Features of a Good Commercial Solar Panel for Your Business


One of the signs that your business is growing drastically is when you start getting bigger electric bills. As you expand, you invest in more electrical tools and appliances, which pushes up the electrical power expenditure. You can choose to foot the rising bill or to supplement it with solar power.

Solar power is an excellent source of electrical power for your business because it comes free. It is also a green energy source, giving your brand added equity for being environmentally friendly.

The other benefits of investing in solar energy include:

  • Cost reduction as they lower your energy bill
  • Added revenues from government incentives on the use of solar power
  • Added sustainability in energy supply for your business

However, you need to be careful when choosing and installing a solar power system. Here are the five key features of an excellent solar panel for your company.

  1. It Streamlines Your Energy Expenditure

A lot of businesses rush into the installation of solar panels when their energy demands go up. In the process, they forget to analyze the nature of the surge in power demand. When investing in the new solar power unit, their only goal is to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

The main issue with this approach is that many things can lead to a sharp increase in energy demands. Before buying and installing any system, you should assess the cause of the increase in power demand. You should streamline all the energy demands and maximize your energy efficiency before investing in a solar panel. For instance, replace incandescent and fluorescent bulbs with energy savers, replace old HVAC systems with newer and more efficient ones, and other relevant changes.

When you are sure that your energy consumption is the most efficient it can be, invest in the size of the solar panel that will meet your needs. This protects you from investing in a huge solar panel that you do not need.

  1. It Gives You Good ROI

Installing an excellent solar panel from trusted brands like Telsa Powerwall needs you to be prepared financially. Unlike the domestic installation, you are investing in solar because you want returns. Commercial power suppliers also need to think about the returns on their investment.

Before investing in solar power, have a conversation with the marketing department and hear what they have to say about solar power profitability. Otherwise, you might end up with an underfunded project and few people to sell solar power, negatively affecting the returns on your investment.

  1. It Qualifies You for Credit from the Government

Congress allows people who invest in commercial and residential solar power to receive the tax credit. Local and municipal governments also have their own tax incentives for people investing in solar power. The aim of the incentives is to move people away from the use of unsustainable power and get them to use green energy.

While investing in solar power might be capital intensive when you are starting, these incentives will help you recover what you spent. Before making the installation, visit the local authorities for advice on how to access these benefits.

  1. You Can Get It Through Versatile Buying Options and Purchase Agreements

If you are operating with thin profit margins, investing in solar power might feel like a cost you are not ready to meet. However, there are many financing options you can explore besides funding the project from your sources.

As long as it is possible to prove you are a revenue-generating business, you can access grants and even get people to lease the panels to you. Weigh the pros and cons of each arrangement, and make the most potentially beneficial choice.

  1. The Brand Offers Installation and Preventative Maintenance Services

Solar panels are meant to last a long time. However, constant exposure to harsh weather elements can lead to fast deterioration. Most of the suppliers and manufacturers of solar panels have their installation and maintenance teams.

Ask about the maintenance agreements before signing a contract with them as it will determine the eventual return on investment.

These are simple considerations to make when investing in a solar system. Take time and consult with trusted brands for the best experience in green and sustainable energy alternatives.


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