5 Ideas for How to Respectfully Honor Your Loved Ones

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It’s natural to want to find closure when someone we love passes away. But there isn’t a set formula for how best to honor them and deal with our grief. There are some traditional approaches, like scattering ashes or having a funeral. But the important thing is to find a way that resonates with your memories of the person and who they were.

1) Throw a celebratory memorial service in their honor.

What’s nice about throwing a celebration is that it’s positive. It’s about remembering the best of someone’s life, rather than focusing on their death and the tragedy of it all. It’s a way to celebrate the life that they had. It’s a way to bring the family and friends together in their memory, as well as celebrate their life.

Don’t worry about doing it “right.” There is no right or wrong with this. It can be anything that you want. You can have a memorial service in a sanctuary or do it at home, have a picnic, or even throw a party. You can invite all your family and friends to gather together and remember this person at the same time.

2) Share your favorite memories of them.

Everyone has their own special memories of someone that has passed on. And when you share those stories with other people, it brings you closer together. It gives you a chance to talk, laugh and cry with other people that knew the person. And it also helps them feel connected to the lost loved one.

These stories can be about any aspect of their life – what they were like as a child, how they made you feel, how they helped other people in life. It could even be an anecdote that happened one time between them and another person. These little things are often some of the most treasured memories of a person.

3) Create photo albums of their life or legacy.

You can fill an album with all the pictures you have and include stories about each photo as well as other belongings that they used to own. This is a great way to preserve the memory of someone and show it to future generations.

Go through these pictures with other people who also knew the person well so that they can share their stories as well. You don’t necessarily have to hold onto this album forever; you may want to pass it on down the line. Or you can add to it as you get new pictures and stories from other people. There are no rules here, so do whatever feels right for your loved one.

4) Commission a memorial portrait.

Consider commissioning a fine artist to create a painting that commemorates the person that has died. It can be a portrait of them or just something you want to remember them by. Oil paintings can last for centuries, and a piece like this can serve as both a reminder of the lost loved one as well as being an attractive art piece that can be prominently displayed in your home.

5) Make donations in their name to organizations they cared about.

We generally focus on the family and friends when someone dies, but the truth is that the person still has a legacy and impact on this world. You can give money to a cause they cared about, you can have a tree planted in their memory, or you can do something else to leave this person’s impact on the world positively. They will live on through the lives of others with these types of donations, and you can make a difference in their name as well as honor their memory.

Don’t worry about trying to do everything at once. You don’t have to throw a formal service or put together an album right away. Just take things slowly and do what makes sense for your loved one. And don’t be afraid to ask other people for help; everyone goes through these difficult times, so there will likely be plenty of support available.

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