5 Great Ways to Use Custom Headwear as Promo Products

Custom Headwear

Custom headwear with your brand or logo makes a bold and stylish promotional product. From sports teams to corporate events, hats make great company uniforms, branded products, and promotional giveaways. Professional headwear customizers can prepare hats, caps, and knits in nearly any style, color, pattern, or logo. Whatever your budget, needs, or branding goals, tasteful custom headwear is the key promotional product you need to create a great impression in front of your employees, customers, clients, or supporters.

1. Uniform Piece

Sharp custom hats make excellent promotional products and professional uniform pieces. A sturdy cap projects a clean, trustworthy, and authoritative image; whereas a thick knit comes off as warm and friendly during colder weather. Using promotional headwear products for uniforms gives employees a sense of self-respect and belonging, and lets your consumers know you’re running a well-organized operation. A well-designed hat is very visible, so it’s also great for raising brand awareness.

2. Teambuilding

A hat with a company logo, or one celebrating a specific event or message, can go a long way towards building a sense of organizational teamwork and camaraderie. Most people like hats and free promotional products. So if you hand out some stylish knits or caps at your next team event, it can go a long way towards boosting morale and encouraging people to buy into whatever new goal or idea the team is pursuing. Even if people never wear it, the well-designed headwear will serve as a thoughtful gift and a tangible reminder of being included.

3. Promotional Handout

It’s not just your team that’ll appreciate a promotional hat. Your potential clients and customers, fans and supporters, and general consumers and members of the public love product handouts and will gladly display your branded headwear in front of their friends, family, coworkers, and passersby on the street if you give them something work showing off. Not only does this build a lot of goodwill and free word-of-mouth support, but everyone who sees a hat with your logo gets a distinct reminder of who you are and what you’re about.

4. Social Media Contest

Hats make perfect social media contest prizes. Headwear is easy to economically manufacture in limited runs, creating an exclusive and valuable promotional product. Hats are also visually appealing, so they’re great for posts and promotional content. You can create polls or challenges to engage your audience on social media and send the hats as prizes. Encourage recipients to post photos of themselves wearing the stylish headwear while mentioning your brand to increase your visibility and traction.

5. Branded Merchandise

If your branded hats look good on their own, sell them! Soda, car, and tech companies (among many others) all have gift shops and promotional products they sell for profit in addition to their main product lines. Selling branded headwear creates a new revenue stream, while also encouraging people to proudly display your brand and logo in style.

Custom headwear as promotional products is a smart idea for numerous reasons including the above. To help take your business to the next level, try investing in custom headwear as promotional products.

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