5 Features of a Successful Building Inspection Company

Building Inspection
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Before buying or renovating a house, it is wise to have it inspected. A building inspection aims to establish whether the house is worth its cost. A building inspection company assesses the condition of the building and gives you their standard property report.

They also inspect ongoing construction sites and make sure that the buildings comply with all the set regulations. You carry out a building inspection for the following reasons:

  • To make sure the home is worth its value on paper
  • To figure out if the house has structural problems
  • To plan for possible future renovation costs
  • To learn more about the building’s history
  • Ensuring that anyone going against safety and quality standards gets a violation notice before they ruin the construction site.

All these can only be possible when you have the guidance of a professional building inspection company. With the many building inspectors in the market, finding one who is reliable can be challenging. Here are five features that you will find in an excellent building inspection company:

  1. They Have a Team of Expert Building Inspectors

A building inspection company can only be as good as the people they employ to carry out the inspections for them. A qualified and competent building inspector has completed significant coursework in construction. Additional skills in fields such as engineering and architecture, construction technology, and related fields make the person more qualified for the work.

They should also have certificates and licenses to operate in their state. Licensure shows that the professionals have met the needed educational training and hours of experience in the field. Certain municipalities also insist on testing the inspectors and giving them the municipal license. When interviewing a particular company, you want to engage in your building inspection work, ask to see documents that show their inspectors are duly licensed.

  1. They Should Have a Variety of Inspection Specialists

A building inspection is a complex process. It involves understanding how all the house’s structural components are supposed to work, from the foundation to the roof. One inspector cannot be expected to be an expert in all the structural features of a house.

An excellent inspection company should have specialized inspectors for the following fields:

  • Mechanical inspectors who check HVAC, gas lines and other plumbing
  • Plan examiners who compare the proposed plan with the area code to check for compliance
  • Public works inspectors whose concern is the sere systems
  • Building safety inspectors who check for signs that the house could be hazardous to human health
  1. The Company Should Have Excellent Communication Skills

Inspecting a building is a process that takes time. If the building is complete and you are having it inspected before buying, it will take a few days to complete the inspection. On the other hand, if it is ongoing construction, you have to be in touch with the inspectors.

A company with excellent communication skills makes sure that they tell you the weaknesses in your building in the most straightforward and concise terms. They will also be within reach at any time you need them. They will put together easy to understand and comprehensive reports on the building’s state and make sure that you fully understand its status before making any decisions.

  1. They Should be Insured

Even with the best experience and educational qualifications, a building inspector can make mistakes during the inspection. If an error makes your building collapse, you want to be in a position to get compensated for damages.

Most building contractors have an insurance cover for all their inspectors, known as the building inspector insurance. It protects you as the building owner and the inspector from losses in case of mistakes in an inspection.

  1. They Price their Services Ethically

While it is true that building inspection is one of the most crucial components of the construction process, it needs to be reasonably priced. There is an industry standard as to how much you should charge for an inspection. However, the cost they quote should give you value for the service.

These are the essential qualities that make an excellent building inspector. Take time and choose a trusted company for comprehensive and reliable reports on the state of your building. Melbourne Building Inspectors offer quality services to their clients because they have the right inspection equipment and skilled personnel.

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