5 Easy Ways to Have a Lively Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception

A wedding reception is often the highlight of the wedding day. It’s where guests get together to celebrate the newlyweds and enjoy food and drinks. If you want your wedding reception to be lively, then you need to plan. Here are five ways to ensure that your wedding reception is lively.

Planning a wedding reception can be stressful. There are so many things to consider, from the venue to the menu to the decorations. and don’t forget about the entertainment. Here are some ideas to help you create a lively wedding reception.

1. Have a Happy Hour

The idea behind this one is simple: You’ll save money by serving only light snacks during Happy Hour. People tend to drink more when there’s free beer and wine around. However, if you decide to do cocktails instead of just beer and wine, make sure to designate a bartender for each cocktail station. Having someone on hand who knows how to mix drinks helps keep people drinking less.

2. Have Cigars Available for Guests

If you have an outdoor wedding, you may want to prepare some cigars for your guests. Guests will love the opportunity to have something refreshing after they arrive at the wedding reception. This will also give them time to relax before entering the celebration.

3. Provide Entertainment

You might not think to include live music in your list of wedding reception plans, but it could go a long way toward making your party lively. Make sure your DJ is experienced enough to play songs that everyone likes. Also, avoid playing all of the hits on repeat. Instead, choose a few upbeat songs that will get your guests dancing. This way, your wedding reception will still seem like fun while avoiding becoming boring.

4. Offer a Toast

If you’ve been planning your wedding for a long time, it’s nice to know that you’re finally getting married. When all your friends and family gather to congratulate the bride and groom, they should do so in style. Offer your best wishes with a toast at your wedding reception.

Toastmaster recommends reading your speech aloud first. Doing this allows you to hone your delivery skills. Once you have perfected the speech, read it aloud again to yourself. Your friends and family will appreciate hearing your words. They’ll also learn new insights about you as a person.

5. Encourage Mingling

Mingle-ware is designed to facilitate conversation between friends who haven’t seen each other in months. Use it to organize the guest lists and ask guests to share their favorite parts of the wedding. For many couples, it’s essential to spend time talking to the people standing closest to them on both sides.

Wedding receptions are fun, but they’re also serious business—as far as the bride and groom are concerned. A good wedding reception should have plenty of energy and excitement. Whether you want your wedding reception vibrant or mellow depends on what you like best. Choose wisely, and your guests will feel the same way.

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