5 Common E-Commerce Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Must Know


Running an e-commerce enterprise requires flexibility and adaptability. At one point, it will be smooth sailing. On the other hand, hindrances may arise that may challenge the status quo. Its ever-changing nature pushes an entrepreneur to equip himself with the right tools, technical know-how, and grit to keep up. You can learn about the common mistakes to avoid if you have started an eCommerce store for selling the products, on this website:

In business, we learn best through mistakes. In addition, when we err on a massive scale that creates a dent in our financials, we promptly apply corrective measures to keep it from happening again. The first layer of defense in business decision mistakes is preparation and proactiveness. In this article, we will tackle five common e-commerce mistakes. It shall encompass e commerce vs e business tools and principles that can directly impact sales, expenses, and income.

Confused brand identity

The key to successful e-commerce business is to define and build a brand with a logo and strong brand message that captures your identity. Case in point, the popular Nike brand funneled all resources with its famous Nike “swoosh” backed with a solid tag line of “Just do it” that is straightforward, iconic, and motivating.

Typically, products alone would not sell themselves. Therefore, offerings and services must be under a brand umbrella, cultivating relevance, recognition, and recall. Due diligence in market research can identify the language and buying behavior of your niche. The values established from market research must be the unwavering and consistent message in your content, branding, and marketing strategies.

Unawareness of the target market

One of the most crucial mistakes an e-commerce entrepreneur makes is not taking the time to establish or get to know their target audience. Of course, having a business plan, products, and a selling platform is not enough. Market research is non-negotiable. You must know your target market’s buying behavior and language. In this way, you will be able to strategize as a business unit based on what makes them tick, what entices them to purchase, and the steps to take into turning them into loyal customers.

Misaligned e-commerce platform and brand identity

The e-commerce platform that you will select for your business can make or break you. It must be aligned with your brand identity. It will dictate how you will showcase your product, how you will attract customers, and how you will improve and expand your business. At the onset, select the correct platform that can veer you away from costly mistakes like poor navigation, bad user experience (UX), below par search engine optimization (SEO) that leads to revenue loss, low conversion rates, and significant traffic reduction. Select only the top e-commerce platform therein, and you will never go wrong.

Terrible customer service

Excellent customer service involves timely response to queries and messages, impeccable service recovery, and professional interaction. The users are the lifeblood of the business. Therefore, going out of your way to extend care and assistance is a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off with frequency and loyalty. You may also consider telemarketing outsourcing to the Philippines or in any company you wish to work with. Delegating after-sales support to them, as well as having them help you market your products or services through outbound calls will be a wise move.

Poorly designed and developed site.

Functionality, aesthetics, and design are the pillars of seamless navigation and top-notch UX. An excellent-looking website is the icing on the cake. However, its ability to convert visitors into paying customers is the ultimate goal. To achieve this, collaborate with UX experts and agencies to optimize your online platform.

To stay ahead of the e-commerce game, be wary of these common pitfalls and actively veer away from them. Your niche must always be the top priority. Therefore, it should be front and center with your UX, marketing strategies, and product development.

Learn more about the fundamentals of a successful eCommerce store, on this website:

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