4 Unique Advantages of Having a Career as a CPA


Are you good at math? Do you like to work with people? Do you enjoy details? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you might want to consider a career as a CPA.

Becoming a CPA can be a long process, as it requires licensure. This makes it an elite field and standouts to all future employers. If you’re thinking about a career as a CPA, read on to learn four unique advantages of this sought-after, stable career.

1: Start Your Own Business

If you tire of working for a company, then you can go out on your own and start your own accounting business with a CPA license. You’ll need to learn the tricks of the trade from a larger firm at first, but in the long-run, expect to strike out on your own if you so desire. You’ll then begin building your clientele. As many people work with the same CPA every year, over the course of years, you will be able to plan ahead to figure out if you are willing to work overtime to accommodate more clients. Either way, this gives you the flexibility to pursue the work and the life you want.

2: Competitive Salary

The salaries of CPA’s are extremely competitive. You will earn an estimated 10-15 percent more with your CPA license. And, when tax season comes around, you’ll be in high demand–meaning more clients and potentially more money. In addition, a CPA licensure makes you a prime candidate for career development and promotions. Because it is a unique field with specialized skills, not anyone can fill the position. This makes your salary even more negotiable.

3: Job Security

The CPA job industry extremely stable and strong. It is expected to grow rapidly through 2024, meaning you’ll be entering a field that currently is in high demand. Being a CPA means you must understand legal nuances well and be able to direct clients in the proper direction with their taxes. This is a specialized field that the vas majority of people cannot do. They look to CPAs to help them with complicated codes and laws, and that kind of demand will help retain your job security through the years as well.

4: Job Satisfaction

With a CPA license, there are a variety of career tracks you can take, including positions in non-profits, the government, an industry of interest, the private sector and more. You can match your interests with your CPA skills and find a career that leads to a high rate of job satisfaction. And, if you decide to switch work environments or industries, you’re still always in demand and can easily shift from one workplace to another. Everyone needs a CPA — and recognizing the role you play will make you feel valued and proud of the work you can contribute to a company or business.

With some hard work, you can be on your way to earning your own CPA license and beginning a rewarding career helping others with their finances. Remember these four unique advantages of becoming a CPA. Start planning now. It takes several years of preparation to be ready to take the CPA exam.

Heather Breese
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