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4 Tips to Make Your Cottage Weekend Extra Special

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There’s nothing better than spending quality time with the essential people in your life. That’s what a cottage weekend is all about. Time slows down. People have deeper connections when you’re away from your work routine and even the ordinary city life.

While it’s hard to have a bad cottage weekend, there are some important ways you can make it better.

Satellite TV

Traditionally, cottages were a getaway from city life, and that meant forsaking electricity. Get outside and play some lawn games or jump in the lake!

But there are cottage satellite TV packages that are a perfect way to bring everyone together when there’s a big TV event or the weather is rainy or cold. Look for a company that offers great customer service, flexible bundles, and doesn’t commit you to any long-term contracts.

Movies during a rainy day are as much a cottage tradition as fishing or baking in the sun. You don’t need to be planted in front of the screen all day when the sun is out, but knowing that there’s a reliable satellite TV connection with a high-definition picture means you’ll never miss that big game. You’ll also never be bored when the weather turns bad.

Cook Great Food

While it’s lovely to be among great company, it’s even better when the meals are taken up a notch. It doesn’t need to be expensive gourmet food, but you should take advantage of all the time there is to prepare a meal carefully.

For example, you can make your hamburgers from scratch instead of barbequing frozen ones. If the company you keep is savvy in the kitchen, encourage them to bring the ingredients for one of their specialties.

Food brings people together, especially when it’s delicious food that everyone has a hand in preparing.

Outdoor Games

Adults can have a blast playing the silliest and most basic outdoor game, so long as it’s at the cottage. Throw a Frisbee, toss some bean bags for points, play lawn croquet — anything. So long as you’re outside with friends and family, you’ll have fun, even if it’s a game you’d never think to play in the city.

It doesn’t hurt to have a drink in your hand, either.

Be a Courteous Guest

If someone is inviting you up North, show them and their cottage respect. Not only are these courtesies the polite thing to do, but you want to get invited back! Take every step to ensure your host has fun and that your presence isn’t a burden.

There’ll be lots of down-time, but being a good guest means contributing to the cooking and post-weekend clean-up. The cottage spirit is all about having a great communal experience, so bring party favors and a positive attitude throughout, and everyone will have a better time.

Quality time with quality people is what the cottage is all about. Keep these four tips in mind and your next cottage weekend will be one that you, your friend and family will never forget.

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