4 Tips That Will Help You Save Money on an Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

You know that buying a fantastic engagement ring for your sweetheart won’t be cheap, but you’d love to get them something that doesn’t break the bank. You want it to be beautiful but budget-friendly. How can you trim some costs while you’re ring shopping without sacrificing quality? You can learn about the affordable jewelry that can be bought without going out of your budget, on this website:

Check out these four simple tips.

1. Go to a Custom Jeweller

When you go to a big jewellery chain store to shop for an engagement ring, you’re going to be paying more. Those stores mark-up their ring prices to account for steep overhead costs.

When you go to a local custom jeweller, you can find unique engagement rings for a fraction of the price you’d find at big-name chains. They don’t have the dramatic overhead costs to cover, so the prices can be much more affordable. Plus, the custom engagement ring designer will work with you to make a piece that will match your budget.

2. Go for an Alternative Gemstone

The gemstones you choose will affect the final cost of the ring. The priciest choice of stone is typically an earth mined diamond. So, if you’re looking to save money, you should look at some of these incredible alternatives:

  • Choose a lab-grown diamond — these are often 30% larger than a mined diamond of the same price.
  • Choose the gem “moissanite.” It’s double-refractive, which means it’s very sparkly. It will make for a stunning centre stone at a lower price point.
  • Choose the gem “morganite.” Morganite has a subtle blush pink tone that is just as beautiful as any pink diamond.

3. Pick Smaller Stones

The size of the stone will affect the price of the ring. Obviously, if you go for a large centre stone, you’re going to see the costs of the ring rise. So, you should consider sticking to a smaller size.

If you want it to look a little larger, you can add a halo of smaller stones. The halo makes the center stone look bigger than it actually is. It’s a gorgeous optical illusion that could save you money.

It’s also important to remember that going “small” doesn’t mean that the ring will be underwhelming. A bold colour or a stylish cut can still make for a big impression, no matter the size of the center stone.

4. Ignore the “Rules”

There are lots of rules about engagements and weddings out there, including the 3 months’ salary rule that tells you to spend a minimum of six paycheques on your partner’s engagement ring.

You can ignore the rules. There is no need to plunge yourself into serious debt or stress yourself out over an expectation. Take a look at your financial situation to see what you can reasonably spend. If you want to boost your budget, you can follow quick tips to make money and give yourself a little more wiggle room to work with. But be realistic about what you can afford and stick to that.

The gesture doesn’t become more meaningful just because the ring has a bigger stone or heftier cost. If your partner is happy with the ring and is excited about getting married, that’s all that matters.

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