4 Signs That Jewelry Needs to Be Professionally Repaired

Jewelry Repaired

Jewelry is one of those things that many people love. If you have some, you likely wear them often and love how it makes you feel when you put them on. These feelings, however, can be quickly dashed if the jewelry starts to break or become damaged in any way. We all know what happens next – we feel guilty for not taking care of our favorite pieces of jewelry and end up throwing them away unnecessarily because they were never actually broken. The truth is that most pieces of jewelry need professional repair at some point in their lifetime due to wear and tear caused by daily use. You can learn about the jewelry designs that are popular for formal occasions, on this website:

1. Your Jewelry Has Scratches

If you look at your jewelry and notice that it has scratches all over it, the chances are high that professional repair is needed. Scratched jewelry can be pretty, and they generally aren’t a problem so long as they aren’t deep enough to snag or rip clothing fabric. However, if the scratch is starting to look like a crack, then it’s time to get the piece repaired.

Jewelry worn daily will most likely end up with some scratches over time. While you may be tempted to buff out the scratches yourself, there’s no substitute for having someone who knows what they’re doing do it right! Jewelry pieces that are scratched beyond repair should always be sent to professionals so they can save the rest of your jewelry and ensure it stays in good condition.

2. Your Jewelry Has Become Discolored Due To Age or Use

Daily wear and tear on your favorite pieces will cause them to lose their luster over time. If you love wearing costume jewelry, this is even more likely because most manufactured pieces are made from inexpensive materials that can’t withstand decades of daily use. Clear plastic stones are prone to yellowing over time, resulting in a dull appearance after just a few years. Professional jewelers can quickly fix this discoloration, saving you the cost and effort of purchasing new jewelry.

3. Your Necklace Has Come Undone or Split

Every piece of jewelry worn around your neck will have some issues with not being properly connected. Most often, it’s due to general wear and tears on the loose ends that result in them breaking off. This problem can worsen if you try to restring the necklace yourself, so it’s best to leave this job for professionals who can fix it without damaging any other parts of your precious piece.

4. Your Jewelry Has Broken Stones

This is especially common for rings that are worn every day. If the stone falls out, then it’s likely that it will be lost or damaged beyond repair if you try to find it yourself. This means that not only will you have to purchase a new one but your ring will end up being more expensive as well! Professional jewelers can quickly fix this problem with little cost to you and ensure that all the other parts of your jewelry remain intact.

If any of these signs sound familiar, this is a good indicator that your jewelry needs professional repairs. While many people may want to toss these items away, simple fixes are usually available for most problems. Even if something seems impossible, you’ll be surprised at what your local jeweler can do to save your favorite pieces.

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