4 Reasons to Revamp Your Company’s Parking Lot

Parking Lot

A company’s parking lot says a lot about their business. Not only is it the first thing customers see before they enter the building, but it’s also an important factor in customer service. If customers are under-impressed by your parking lot or have to park far away, they may be less likely to enter the building. Here are a few reasons it’s time to revamp your company’s parking lot.

1- Curb Appeal

A new parking lot can improve the look of the whole building. While redoing the parking lot, you can change the look of the lot’s landscaping, add unique design to make the lot stand out and fix problems that existed with the old lot.

A parking lot contributes greatly to the exterior look to the building. If a customer is impressed by the outside parking lot, they’re more likely to enter the building expecting great things. By revamping the parking lot, you can set customer expectations high and drive extra business indoors.

2- Higher Quality

A revamped parking lot means higher quality materials. This may mean repairing the parking lot with high quality asphalt, striping or landscaping.

Although it may cost money, revamping and repairing a parking lot means it will last longer. As cracks begin to develop in the asphalt, water and ice are able to seep down and refreeze, causing the cracks to grow. Catching the problem while at it’s beginning prevents larger costs down the road.

Customer’s will appreciate the look of your revamped parking lot, as they’re able to walk across the smooth surface or push carts with ease.

3- Extra Space

While you’re revamping the parking lot, you can expand it to give your company extra space. Especially if your company has grown quickly and is beginning to push the limits of their space, it’s important to give both customers and employees a convenient place to park.

Customers who notice a full parking lot are more likely to give up and drive away. This may deter important business from your company. Expanding your parking lot and giving you extra space with plenty of convenient spots is the best way to make sure guests make the most of their trip.

Employees who have to walk a ways to get to work may become upset. If you want employees who excel, it’s important to treat them with respect. Creating extra space in the parking lot may give your employees the space they need to be the top employees every single day.

4- Safety Concerns

Cracks and crevices in the asphalt may also cause safety concerns. If a person trips and hurts themselves while walking through your parking lot, they may attempt to hold you legally responsible for their fall.

This is especially important for your elderly customers and employees, for whom a fall could mean several weeks of hospitalization. Protect your customers and employees with smooth and seamless asphalt.

A revamped parking lot is important as it creates the first impression for your company. If a parking lot is too small or old, it may drive customers or employees away from your business. Revamp your parking lot with new asphalt, striping, landscape or space to attract new customers today.

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