4 Key Misconceptions About Using Cannabis Infused Products

Cannabis Infused Products

There is no other plant that brings more debate than the cannabis plant. There are different views on cannabis in society. Some view cannabis as a medicinal plant while others see it as a Some people see it as a super medicinal plant, and others see it as a form of recreation. You can learn about the side effects of using the Side products of Cannabis, on this website:

Despite increased efforts in research to show evidence that supports cannabis as a medicinal plant, several misconceptions persist. These misconceptions include how harmful it is to use cannabis infused products, its ability to cause addiction, its role as a drug, and more.

1- Cannabis Leads To Brain Damage

The contrast between the brain’s function in the long term for cannabis users and non-users is mild. There are better results for cannabis users than those found heavily using alcohol and other illicit substances.

There is a vast held misconception about cannabis that it can eventually kill brain cells when used. Frequent usage of other drugs, like alcohol, has been known to inflict damage to the neurons’ ends which makes it more difficult to communicate. However, it does not destroy the brain cells.

The misconception about cannabis came about after a few unpopular animal experiments were done. The experiment results claimed that some structural changes were observed on the brain cells exposed to heavy doses of cannabis.

Some credit the unfavorable RG – Rhesus monkeys that have never been attributed. A series of studies with RG controls have gotten no leads of alteration in the monkey’s brain.

2- Cannabis Leads To Psychosis And Bipolar Disorder

Misconception on bipolar disorder is a much-cited claim about cannabis. There is no doubt that some users of cannabis have gone through psychosis.

However, it’s more apparent that some experiences of psychosis have been due to susceptibilities. A few common reasons for susceptibilities are a person’s genetic composition, head injuries or illnesses, and having been abused as a child.

Experts have come to terms with the fact that using cannabis alone will not trigger psychosis or bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, for people who already have the condition, there is a risk that it might trigger psychosis.

According to studies, cannabis is the most commonly abused drug, especially among those treated for bipolar disorder. The likelihood of adverse reactions is steadily increased. The point studied indicates that medicinal cannabis stabilizes a patient’s mood and brings down depression symptoms.

3- All Medicinal Products For Cannabis Get You High

Misconception on this is not the truth about the plant and is a reminder of alarmism once abused by anti-cannabis advocates. Amazingly, miles have been taken to educate the public in various countries to legalize medicinal cannabis. This has helped people better educate themselves about the plant’s key properties.

The cannabis plant does have psychoactive properties, but it is not among the ones that have CBD as its property.

4- Cannabis Leads To Death

It is not likely to overdose on cannabis as opposed to other drugs like opioids. Research shows that a person would reach the consumption of around 1,000 pounds in a minute for the next 15 minutes to overdose on cannabis dangerously.

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