4 Key Care Tips For Having Porcupines As Exotic Pets

Exotic Pets

If you’re thinking of adding a porcupine to your family, there are a few key pieces of information you need to be aware of before making that decision. Porcupines can make great exotic pets, but they require a lot of care and attention. You can learn about the best way to take care of your pets, on this website:

1) Know Their Diet Requirements

Porcupines are herbivores and require a diet that is high in fiber. Ensure your porcupine with plenty of hay, fresh vegetables, and fruits. Please do not give them any processed foods or candy!

They are very picky about the food they eat, so you have to do your due diligence in finding the best food for your pet. They don’t require a lot of food, but it has to be the right food!

2) Know the Signs of Sickness

Porcupines are prey animals, so they tend to hide their illness and injuries until they are very sick. Familiarize yourself with the signs of sickness and injury so you can get help if your porcupine is not feeling well. Reach out to your vet for any issues.

Porcupines are rodents and have a nasty habit of gnawing on things you don’t want to be ruined. They could be carriers of rabies and other diseases.

3) It is a Solitary Animal That Can Become Dangerous if Alone for Too Long

Even though porcupines are very social in the wild, they tend to become aggressive when they are alone. If you have a porcupine, you must have it within sight. They don’t play well with others and will usually fight with themselves.

They do get along with other porcupines that they know. Be extremely careful with other pets, as they can also become dangerous to other playful pets such as dogs and cats. This is especially possible if they have not had contact with other pets before. Remember, they have spikes and will use them if provoked. If you have kids, they should be taught how to approach a porcupine properly. If you know of anyone who wants to touch your pet, then teach them not to as well.

4) They Require a lot of Stimulation and Exercise

Being alone can be incredibly boring for a porcupine, so you must provide your pet with lots of stimulation and exercise. They will make their den in the evening so they can sleep, but they need a lot of exercise during the day. This can be made available in the form of toys, chews, and a large enclosure with plenty of room to explore. If caged, they should be able to climb and jump, as this is how they would like to move around in the wild.

Keeping a pet porcupine is hard work, but do make great exotic pets for people focused on caring for a porcupine. Remember that you have to give 100% of your time and attention to these animals. They need items to chew on, especially if they are caged and don’t like to be alone. Please do your research, know their dietary requirements, monitor their health, and get help when they are sick.

Learn more about different types of animals that you can keep as your pet along with their habits, on this website:

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