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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Patio Area the Heart of Your Home

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When the weather gets warm, it’s time to head outside. Backyard barbeques and bonfires set the stage for some truly unforgettable summer evenings, so create an outdoor space that’s welcoming for guests and comfortable for you and your family to transform your patio into the heart of your home. With some smart design choices, you don’t need to break the bank (or your back) to renovate your outdoor living space.

1- Refresh Outdoor Furniture and Upholstery

Everyone’s familiar with that typical wicker outdoor furniture. It’s a mainstay on patios everywhere, but it quickly shows its age. Giving it a sanding and a fresh coat of paint is a fast and easy way to update it and make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting. The same goes for your outdoor pillows and cushions. A quick reupholstering breathes new life into weathered or out-of-style pieces and livens up your patio space.

2- Outdoor Cooking

Modern floor plans have transformed the kitchen into the hub of the home, and outdoor cooking has the same effect on your patio. For this reason, more and more families are investing in upgrading their outdoor cooking space. There are a number of reputable online stores with a great selection of outdoor cooking appliances, from grills to pizza ovens to smokers, that not only prepare delicious food but get the whole neighborhood talking about your latest cookout. Whether you’re shopping for the latest gadget or looking to build a fully functional outdoor kitchen, one thing’s for sure: the grill isn’t just for Dad’s burgers anymore.

3- Fire Pits and Ambient Lighting

Nothing says “summer” more than roasting marshmallows over a fire with the smell of bonfire smoke in the air. Installing a fire pit is the perfect way to transform your outdoor patio from a plain sitting area to an atmospheric hang-out spot.

If a fire pit isn’t an option for you, thoughtful outdoor lighting is another way to create ambiance. String lights are easy to install and come in many shapes and colors, so they’re an excellent option to bring some life to your outdoor space.

4- Add Some Greenery

Plants add a level of serenity to any patio, and you don’t need a green thumb to make it happen. Hearty plants like hostas and creeping sedum provide ground cover, won’t need much in the way of upkeep, and come in a variety of colors. To add a little floral fragrance, peonies are another resilient perennial that require very little effort to maintain. It’s not hard to turn your patio into an enchanting garden oasis that’s at the heart of your home.

Renovating and updating your patio transforms your outdoor space into the heart of your home. It’s incredibly rewarding to turn what was once an ordinary outdoor area into a stylish cookout spot or an ethereal garden. No matter how you use your outdoor space, keeping it up to date ensures your family and friends will love spending time there.

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