4 Creative Ideas To Make A Wedding Reception Relaxing For Guests

Wedding Reception

A wedding reception can sometimes be an exceptionally stressful event. Guests may not know what to do or feel left out because the bride and groom are too busy enjoying themselves. When guests are stressed out from the lack of direction at a wedding event, four creative ideas help relieve the pressure on them to enjoy themselves and follow in their hosts’ footsteps. You can learn about the wedding ceremony and different trends, on this website: www.bebegogo.com

1- Plan Cultural Activities

Planning cultural activities will help guests feel at ease and enjoy the wedding reception. At Filipino weddings, to have the guests dance with food in their mouths is considered a sign of honor and respect. This tradition has been carried forward to modern times. To follow this tradition, the guests should form a circle around the bride and groom while singing and dancing. The guests are free to dance, drum, or sing during this time.

When the music stops, they should pick up plates of food and start dancing while keeping their mouth closed. When the bride and groom clap their hands or call out a guest’s name, the designated guest is to eat the food with their mouth in the same position it is in while dancing. After that person eats all of it, they follow with one step to the side, and then another guest takes a turn.

2- Have a Lounge Area With Couches

The lounge area can include a sweet spot of couches where guests can relax and talk. This will give guests the feeling that they don’t need to be in constant motion and can let them sit back, relax and rest for a little without worrying about when to get up and mingle again. Couches also make it easy for people who are tired from dancing or perhaps want to watch from the sidelines without having to move around too much. In addition, you can also establish the sofa area as a place for the groom and bride to chill, chat or converse with each other.

3- Ensure Plenty of Food is Available

For some people, consuming food is a pleasurable experience in itself. That’s when it becomes the ultimate stress reliever. So make sure there are enough food stations to cover all kinds of tastes and preferences so that everyone can find something they love. Food is also one of the ways to show guests that you care about their well-being and are willing to go the distance to make them feel welcome. Another tip is to have a dessert station set up to provide guests with something sweet that they can look forward to after finishing their meals.

4- Give Out Wedding Favors

This is also an old tradition still being practiced in the Philippines today. A box of native Filipino rice cakes called suman is given to each guest who attends the wedding reception. This gift symbolizes good wishes and is also a token of thanks for attending their big day with them. Presenting a gift to each guest shows that the hosts are grateful and are mindful that they are doing all they can to ensure everyone has a good time while attending the wedding celebration.

Getting married is a very special occasion, and not just for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. To help everyone have a great time at their wedding reception, it is essential that everyone contributes to the planning process as much as they can. These ideas are ways for people to contribute to making sure that everyone has fun at their wedding reception. You can learn about the best practices to avoid any kind of mishap in the wedding ceremonies, on this website: www.chronicules.com

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