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4 Beginner’s Tips for Ironing a Men’s Dress Shirt

Ironing a Men's Dress Shirt

Rather than having to take time out of your day to drive to a dry cleaner and money out of your pocket to pay a professional to iron your shirt, you can do it yourself. Even if you have never ironed a shirt before, you can use these simple tips to help ensure that your shirt looks professionally ironed. As long as you have an ironing board and an iron, you can get a clean and wrinkle-free shirt.

#1) Make Sure Shirt and Equipment are Clean

One of the first things you must do before ironing a dress shirt is to make sure the shirt, iron, and ironing board are all clean. If you notice a stain on your shirt or a piece of dirt on the iron, it could lead to a permanent stain that you cannot get out. You need to keep all of your equipment and clothes completely clean to avoid permanent stains.

#2) Set the Right Temperature

Another crucial tip to remember when ironing a men’s dress shirt is to set the temperature on your iron correctly. You should read the tag of your clothes to see if there is a specific heat setting you should use. In addition, take a look at your iron. It may have different heat and steam settings that you should use for different types of fabrics.

While the proper temperature is crucial for professional-looking clothes, you must also make sure the iron is properly heated before use. Give your iron about five minutes to warm up before you start using it.

#3) Iron the Sleeves and Collar

When ironing a shirt, you should always start with the cuffs, sleeves and collar. Lay each sleeve on the ironing board. Open each cuff and lay it flat. Iron the inside first and then the outside. Once you are done with the cuffs, iron the sleeve itself.

When ironing these sections of the shirt, make sure that you have consistent and steady motions to prevent iron wrinkles. If you press down hard it will create a crease.

Once the sleeves are done, you should move to the collar. When ironing the collar, start with the underside and then do the outside. Fold the collar back in proper position and press it one last time.

#4) Save the Back and Body for Last

When ironing this large area of your shirt, you may want to spray the shirt with a little water to help it steam properly. Start by ironing one side of the chest and then the other. Hold the shirt up to make sure all the wrinkles are out. When you are happy with your results, flip the shirt over and do the back.

The back of the shirt is likely larger than the width of the ironing board. Therefore, you should start at one side and work your way smoothly to the other side. Remember to use smooth motions to prevent causing added wrinkles.

These four tips can help any beginner get a perfectly ironed shirt. Make sure you take the necessary time and pay close attention to details to get a nice-looking shirt. To help ensure that you have minimal ironing to do, remove clothes immediately from the dryer and hang them on a hanger to reduce the number of wrinkles. You can also use garment steamers for crisp and crease free clothing.

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